5 Reasons Why Being a Salesforce Admin is Kick Ass

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My first real job in the Salesforce Ecosystem was a Salesforce Administrator, and looking back I feel very blessed to have found it. It has set me up on a career path I love, and taught me some invaluable lessons through success and mistakes on the job. Although I am now working for a Salesforce implementation partner on the other side of the coin, consulting and implementing Salesforce systems for end users. I have never and probably will never discount a Salesforce Administrator job as a potential move in the future. It requires a great variety of skills including being technical, personable, having an inclination for creativity and problem solving. All of this adds up to a career move that is completely kick ass, and here are my top reasons why..

1. Cutting Edge Tech

If you’re working with any Salesforce products, you are most likely working with some of the most cutting edge business technology around. Marc Benioff & Salesforce have pioneered Cloud computing since 1999 and show no signs of slowing down. They have even been named the most innovative company by Forbes 5 years in a row (Unfortunately missing out at #2 last year by Tesla. But C’mon, it’s Tesla).

Products that have been developed by Salesforce such as Process Builder & Einstein, and others that have been acquired and then seamlessly integrated such as Steelbrick & Pardot, really show you why they win titles like the above. If there is some technology that you want to try out but don’t have access to in your own org, jump into Trailhead and test out nearly all Salesforce products/features on there!

2. Instant Impact

Being a Salesforce Administrator means you have a set of powerful tools and features at your fingertips that can provide near instant impact. With declarative features such as Process Builder, Approval Processes, Schema Builder, Web-to-Lead and installing AppExchange applications. You can rapidly develop applications that can automate business processes and make your users lives easier.

Being able to deliver instant impact like this is one of the reasons why Salesforce has made it to the top. Having the ability to recognise a business problem or bottleneck and develop a solution with days instead of weeks, is a huge advantage when speed and agility is the crux of business.

3. The Community Has Your Back

One of the best things about being an Admin is that you are a pure problem solver. You are given business challenges on a daily basis, and your task is to solve them using the Salesforce platform. Problem solving is great, it gets us thinking, keeps us motivated, and has an amazing sense of achievement when tasks are overcome. Of course if problem solving wasn’t challenging, then there wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Luckily incase you get stuck, you have a community of 2,500,000 Salesforce members behind your back just incase you need some inspiration. The Salesforce community consists of a dedicated group of people of all different levels and backgrounds that want to ask questions, learn and help others. As well as the official Salesforce success community, there is an array of blogs, twitter accounts and a lot of other mediums to support you in your career.

4. Incredible Career Growth

It’s inevitable that with Salesforce’s massive success and growth, the industry and jobs grow with it. Since I’ve been involved with Salesforce since 2012, there has always been a shortage of Salesforce professionals for the jobs out there. More recently, IDC carried out a case study and analysed that over the next five years the Salesforce economy will generated $389 Billion in new revenue and enable 1.9 Million new jobs. This just goes to show that there is no sign of slowing down the Salesforce machine, and this can only do wonders for your career.

With the shortage of professionals, Salesforce are really putting in the effort to make the barrier to entry lower. The Trailhead platform is currently pioneering the way to learn more about the platform in a fun and interactive way. Salesforce University has also stepped up it’s game, releasing a whole host of new certifications to prove to the world you know what you’re talking about. There has never been a better time to be involved in Salesforce and to accelerate your career growth, no matter what your level.

5. Awesome Events

Salesforce really love to lead the way in the “Work hard, play hard” mantra. I’m sure everyone will know what I’m talking about if you have ever been to a world tour, partner event or Dreamforce.

The days are jam packed full of motivational, inspirational learning opportunities. Both in terms of the Salesforce platform, and the wider skills market. It’s very hard to come away from one of these events without feeling good about yourself having had a productive day. Then, as soon as it hits 5pm, the music starts, the beer and wine comes out, and you can carry on way into the night meeting and speaking to people on the same wavelength as you in a more comfortable setting. If you are one of the lucky ones that manage to make it to Dreamforce, then you will even have the opportunity to see world famous artists, previous ones have included U2, Stevie Wonder, The Killers & The Foo Fighters!

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