How to Become a Salesforce Business Analyst

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Do you like asking “Why?” Why is this field here? Why do you need all those values when you only use half? Why, why, why? As a Salesforce Admin, do you find yourself asking why the business is doing this vs. how it’s getting done? If so, you may also find yourself interested in the role of the Salesforce Business Analyst (BA).

In this article we’ll dive into what a Salesforce Business Analyst is and how you too can transition from an Admin role to a Business Analyst role in the Salesforce ecosystem.

What is a Salesforce Business Analyst?

To me, a BA is an admin that is empowered to ask “Why” on a deeper level. We need to be able to understand and effectively communicate both the “Why” and the “How’ to stakeholders so that everyone’s goal is achieved.

How can you transition into a Business Analyst role?

The one question I’m asked the most about my Salesforce journey is how was I able to make that shift from Admin/Support work to BA. My answer is always the same: Trailhead,, and networking.

  • Trailhead is always my first reference because it is now the main hub for Salesforce related information and education.
  • is the home of guides and best practices for business analysis.
  • Networking (virtual and in-person, where applicable) is still the standard for finding new opportunities. Using these tools in any combination will help you along your path into the world of business analysis.

Let’s take a look at these in more depth.


By now, you may be thinking, what does this woman know? Well, I know a bit about this having successfully made the transition from utility call center representative into a junior Salesforce Business Analyst role at a small partner company.

At the time, Trailhead was a relatively new tool, but I gained as many badges as I could and linked them to my LinkedIn profile; this caught the attention of a recruiter.

Back then, we didn’t have awesome Trails like Get Started as a Salesforce Business Analyst to learn more about being a BA and the potential opportunities. Or Trails like Compare the Admin and Business Analyst Roles to give us a side-by-side view of how Admin and BA roles differ.

And of course, there are the hundreds of badges geared towards learning new Salesforce abilities. Trailhead offers a variety of badges and information on not just essential Salesforce skills, but also general Business Analysis career information.

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)

Business Analysis is defined by IIBA as:

“Business Analysis is a disciplined approach for introducing and managing change to organizations, whether they are for-profit businesses, governments, or non-profits.”

Source:, 2021.

Who is the IIBA? The International Institute of Business Analysis, is a non-profit organization working to create and maintain global standards for the practice of business analysis. In addition to offering the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge), they offer certifications for you to flex your BA muscles.

Business Analysis extends outside of Salesforce, so it is a good idea to get a more general understanding of the practice as well. Organizations like the IIBA offer a way to learn and show off your expertise as you grow.


This next word may be a bit scary, especially for my fellow introverts, but it’s a necessary evil, ok? Networking. Networking. Networking! Networking may actually be the most important thing that I mention here. I say that because anyone can acquire Salesforce skills but not everyone can network and use their network efficiently.

Now, when I say network, I don’t actually mean that you have to have a large number of connections. However, you do want to have meaningful connections. Ones that can vouch for your skills and mention your name in the room when you aren’t there. Those are the people we want to network with.

Florida Dreamin’ 2019

After my first BA job, it was someone in my network who introduced me to my next opportunity, and then the job after that. That’s the magic that networking can do. My favorite networking tools are LinkedIn and Twitter, with LinkedIn generally being more formal.


So you’re on Trailhead grabbing badges, you’ve joined the IIBA, and you’re a Salesforce networking sensation…now what? Now, we wait, keep up the search, and keep the faith. Salesforce BA jobs are one of the most popular jobs in the ecosystem and, as the ecosystem grows, so will these roles.

Use the Salesforce Business Analyst Careers page to stay up-to-date on available roles in the ecosystem. LinkedIn is a ridiculously valuable resource for finding new opportunities and networking will expand your world.

Get some certifications, and I don’t just mean Salesforce. Distinguish yourself with IIBA certifications and position yourself for BA success. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will be helpful to you as you journey to becoming a Business Analyst in the Salesforce ecosystem. Don’t forget to always ask “Why”!

Next time, I’ll discuss how to transition from a Salesforce Business Analyst into a Salesforce Platform Developer. TTFN! (Ta Ta for Now!)

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  1. There is also Salesforce Business Analyst Certification that is in development. A team of Subject Matter Experts from Salesforce, customer, SI and ISVs have defined the overall scope. So there is a lot a work left to do before it launches, but it is an important statement from Salesforce that they see BA as a career path.



    Thank you so much for your info !!How to become to sales force business analyst like what is the educational qualification one need to possess .Also ,I did my bachelor’s in business administration and j am planning to do masters in USA .I am willing to become a salesforce business analyst what ideal degree /course do I need to choose in my masters degree to become a sales force business analyst ..Please guide me mam.Hoping to hear from you soon !!!

  3. I am a salesforce business analyst and have worked as an admin and developer before. Nice article. Would love to see salesforce business analyst certification in coming years

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