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14 Skills of a Successful Salesforce Admin (According to Salesforce)

By Christine Marshall

There’s a disconnect between the number of predicted available jobs and the number of Salesforce professionals who are reporting success in securing a role. Factors contributing to this issue include a lack of awareness around Salesforce Admin skills, and the ease of matching these skills with real-world job adverts.

The IDC study predicts that the Salesforce ecosystem will create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026, so it’s an important problem for Salesforce to tackle. In response, Salesforce have created the “Salesforce Admin Skills Kit”, which is designed to demystify the job market and act as a guide for both job seekers and employers. In this article, we’ll explore exactly what these skills are and how you can use the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit to accelerate your career.

What is the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit?

The Salesforce Admin Skills Kit is a blueprint created by Salesforce, detailing the 14 key skills needed to be an awesome Salesforce Admin. The Salesforce Admin Skills Kit should be used by:

  • Job Seekers: Use the Skills Kit to create an amazing resume that will help you stand out and address common business needs.
  • Employers: The Skills Kit can be used to create job descriptions or to plan interview questions.
  • Salesforce Admins: The Skills Kit can be used to help you prepare for performance reviews or to showcase the multitude of ways you are adding value to a business.

The Salesforce Admin Skills Kit details both hard and soft skills, and how you can apply these to demonstrate your expertise and suitability for a role. This is especially useful for job seekers who are brand new to the Salesforce ecosystem; the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit can help you translate your existing skills and experience into applicable Salesforce skills.

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14 Skills of a Successful Salesforce Admin

The 14 skills of a successful Salesforce Admin are:

  1. Communication
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Learner’s Mindset
  5. User Management
  6. Security Management
  7. Business Analysis
  8. Data Analysis
  9. Data Management
  10. Designer’s Mindset
  11. Change Management
  12. Process Automation
  13. Product Management
  14. Project Management

Don’t forget that this is just a guide – you don’t need to have all of these skills to be a Salesforce Admin or to get your first Salesforce Admin job! See this as a great way to better understand the role and the areas for professional development and growth.

If you’re ready to start crafting your resume, check out our guide and free templates.

Salesforce Administrator Job Description

When hiring a Salesforce Admin, technical complexity, team size, budget, and various responsibilities can all be factors in deciding whether to hire a junior, mid-level, or senior administrator.

To help you search for the perfect candidate, we have put together sample job descriptions for Salesforce Administrators, including an overview of the responsibilities, required qualifications, and desirable abilities. It also includes a list of the common job benefits Salesforce candidates seek, as well as salary expectations and the suggested interview process.

If you’re looking to hire a Salesforce Admin, feel free to take our template and customize it to meet your needs! Be sure to keep the 14 skills in mind…

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As the role of a Salesforce Admin continues to evolve and adapt, so too will the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit. Be sure to keep checking back for updates to stay clued up about the role of a Salesforce Admin.

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The Author

Christine Marshall

Christine is the Courses Director at Salesforce Ben. She is an 11x certified Salesforce MVP and leads the Bristol Admin User Group.


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