My Top 5 Sessions At London’s Calling

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FINAL-Logo With 3 weeks until London’s Calling, there is a nice buzz forming around the community for Europe’s largest community led Salesforce event. London’s Calling will be the first event of its kind in Europe, and will bring Salesforce users, administrators & developers together for a jam packed, one day event to focus on learning from the community by the community. Proudly organised as a non-profit event by a group of all-star members of the community, 30 session, and with a keynote featuring THE Peter Coffee & Erika Kuhl, this is definitely not one to miss.

On that note I’m going to go through the top 5 sessions I’m looking forward to on the 5th of February along with a reason from the host why we should attend.

Introduction To Lightning For Admins

With Lightning technology being the centre of attention for the next wave of Apps and Salesforce technology, Matt Morris helps to distill all of this information for Admins. Fellow MVP & User group leader, Matt promises to take us through all the different members of the Lightning family and how we can use these to our advantages in our Org’s.

“Join us to get to know the members of the Lightning family who will be your friends in building the next wave of apps in your business” – Matt


Top 5 Things I Love About the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With the Marketing cloud being a newer edition to the Salesforce suite of products, it sometimes remains a bit of an enigma for Admins & Developers that are not currently using it. Likely Reid Carlberg is flying over from the states to gives us his top 5 things he loves about the Marketing Cloud. Having spent 8 years focussed on the Salesforce1 Platform and recently moving over to focus on the Marketing Cloud, you can expect this to be a knowledge filled session.

“This session will cover a few of my favourite Marketing Cloud features starting with the product I focus on, MobilePush. Whether you’re brand new to the Marketing Cloud or an email pro, you’ll definitely see something new, and I’d love to hear any feedback!” – Reid


The Awesome Admin Ten Commandments

I’m very glad to see MVP’s Mike Gill & Chris Edwards on the list of sessions for London’s Calling with their awesome Admin commandments. If you have been following their blog, Salesforce Weekly, you will have seen a detailed glimpse into 6 of their 10 commandments already. I’m excited to see what this session brings to make us all awesome Admins.

“Based on a series of posts for the Salesforce Weekly blog, this talk is your chance to see the final commandments revealed for the first time, and an opportunity to learn from the experiences (and the mistakes!) of two Salesforce MVPs.” – Chris


Unit tests; they’re not just for Apex!

There have been tons of talks about writing good unit tests with Apex, but there is not much information or advice on how to write tests using javascript. With Lightning technology heavily relying on Javascript, I look forward to MVP Keir explain the nuances and strategies of writing good unit tests in javascript.

“People should come to my talk because more and more business logic is being pushed to the client and that needs to be tested to the same standard as business logic on the server.” – Keir


Mastering Person Accounts

One topic I was very happy to see on the list by Fabrice Cathala, Mastering Person Accounts. I think most of us can agree that Person Accounts are a bit infamous in the Salesforce world. They are sometimes the only option for a B2C model and some people have great success while others…don’t. Fabrice will take us through Person Accounts, possible use cases and alternatives.

“Person Account often generates controversies when on the table for a new solution design and this session will clarify design criteria in a B2C world” – Fabrice


As well as all these fantastic sessions, It will be my first event with my new company EMPAUA, Europe’s fastest growing Salesforce consultancy and a gold sponsor of London’s Calling. We will be handing out lots of cool swag and prizes, come and have a chat with us!


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