Salesforce Economy to Create 11.6M Jobs Between 2022 and 2028, Says IDC

By Sasha Semjonova

The IDC has released its latest report on Salesforce – specifically on its economic impact – and it’s probably no surprise that AI is a key talking point within it.

Bolstered by the capabilities of GenAI, the IDC reports that the Salesforce economy will generate a net gain of $2.02T in worldwide business revenues and 11.6M jobs worldwide between 2022 and 2028. Let’s take a closer look at that.

Key Findings

Although Salesforce has continuously stressed the impact of AI in conjunction with their business practices, it’s still interesting to see how that translates to actual figures.

For starters, the IDC predicts that Salesforce AI-powered cloud solutions are expected to generate $948B of global business revenue in 2028 – triple what was generated in 2022. Not only that, but the IDC report also estimates a net gain of more than 11M jobs between 2022 and 2028 as AI-powered solutions proliferate.

Organizations are wasting no time honing in on this, either. If companies have goals like innovation, improving customer experiences, and digital transformation, then they could definitely benefit from AI. In fact, 94% of the companies surveyed in the report view AI-powered cloud solutions as instrumental to their future success.

However, the benefits of investing in AI don’t just stop at increased revenue. It’s important to consider how these kinds of advancements affect the present and future, for current and prospective employees alike. That’s why IDC research concluded that the top benefits include more job efficiency, increased workforce AI skills, and increased productivity.

Tackling the Struggling Job Market

It’s no secret that AI has been around for decades, but the expansion and rapid development of GenAI over the last year has resulted in a plethora of new economic opportunities and job avenues to venture into. This comes at a pivotal time for the tech space and the Salesforce ecosystem in particular, especially after a set of brutal layoffs and worried discussions of a saturated market have caused ripples in the industry.

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Out of the 11.6M jobs estimated to be created, 4.7M will be directly within the Salesforce customer base.

If you’re looking to change gears on your career path or venture into Salesforce for the first time, then this news also benefits you. Looking ahead, it’s reported that the top three AI roles that companies plan to hire in the next year are data architects, AI ethicists, and AI solution architects.

Additionally, it’s important to note that AI roles and their possibilities are still evolving, so we’re likely to see even more AI-oriented roles being sought after in the future.


It might not come as a surprise, but AI is definitely fueling Salesforce’s latest wind of success. Expected to yield even more positive results in the future, AI cloud capabilities will be something to keep an eye on for employees and customers synonymously.

Click here to find the full report from IDC.

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