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Salesforce Certification Exam Dumps – Are They Worth It?

By Bradley Rice

Have you ever considered using ‘exam dumps’? If you’re studying for a Salesforce certification exam, there’s a high chance you would have come across exam question dumps – so today, I’m going to be talking about what they are, and most importantly, if they are worth it.

This post was adapted from the Careerforce video: “Salesforce Exam Dumps – Are They Worth It?”. You can watch the video below, or choose to read the summary:

What are Exam Dumps?

Salesforce exam dumps are a list of questions that are going to be on the test, and a list of the answers to those questions.

Clearly, that’s an extremely easy way to get a Salesforce certification, which is what makes them intriguing.

However, it’s also cheating – and at the end of the day, it’s not going to help you at all in actually becoming better at Salesforce.

How Do You Find Exam Dumps Online?

There are a few different ways to get these exam dumps.

You’re going to see exam dumps prevalent in large Salesforce groups and forums on Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn etc.

Typically, you’re going to see something like: ‘Salesforce training from this person’. Turns out, you’re not directly talking to anyone! They say ‘call this number’ or ‘message me’, and when you do, they’re going to ask you for some nominal fee eg. $20 to send all the answers to go pass the certification exam.

You can also find websites that are just free exam dumps. Or, not ‘free’ exam dumps, but Salesforce exam dumps where you pay for these exams, again a nominal fee $20, $30.

Again, this is clearly cheating and really poor etiquette for getting your Salesforce certification.

Where’s Your ‘Grit’?

If you’re feeling tempted to use exam dumps, all you need to do is focus and have some ‘grit’.

Go out there and get on Trailhead and study for the certifications. Get the Salesforce study guides, use websites like Focusonforce or, or at the very least use sites like Quizlet to make your own free flashcards. All of this salesforce training is free and accessible for you to actually go learn yourself!

Enough said, let’s move on to the repercussions of using these exam dumps.

Why You Should Avoid Exam Dumps

What you’re trying to do is skip ahead,when you’re not actually qualified for the certification yet. The problem with this is that, yes it may help you land a job, but you’re going to get fired from that job…immediately.

Chances are you’re never going to even pass a job interview if you don’t actually know how to use Salesforce. The interviewer will be asking questions related to your Salesforce Admin, Developer or marketing role.

I sometimes see some of these people online who have 10, 15, or more, Salesforce certifications but they don’t have a job – a red flag for hiring managers! Why is that? Maybe it’s because they don’t actually know how to use Salesforce, but they figured out a way to get the certifications.

What happens if it turns out you used an exam dump to pass your certification test? Or what if you had someone else take the test for you?

The Salesforce certification program agreement bottom line is that you will have all of your certifications terminated. Even if you studied for three or four certification tests on your own and then you cheated on the fifth, they will terminate all of your certifications and you will not be allowed to get another salesforce certification in the future. This is, effectively, going to tarnish your ability to have a career in Salesforce – a huge price to pay if you consider what Salesforce can do for you as a long-term career.

Salesforce Takes Action

Salesforce actually has an article called ‘together we can maintain the integrity of the salesforce credentialing program’, where they show the guidelines. You have to sign off on this any time you take a certification test, the little “I agree to the terms and conditions” checkbox; that’s where you are agreeing to the certification program agreement and the policies within it.

They also give us a way to submit a case if we come across exam dump sites and postings on social sites so that they can look into who those people are.


Hopefully this has been an eye-opening look into Salesforce exam question dumps and the repercussions of using or publishing them on websites or social media sites. Number one they’re useless, because you don’t actually learn anything, and number two, they’re actually going to get your certifications stripped away.

Clearly, it’s best to go to sites like Trailhead, start training. And do your bit to maintain the integrity of the certifications that we are all earning ourselves.

This post was adapted from the Careerforce video: “Salesforce Exam Dumps – Are They Worth It?” Watch more Salesforce career videos on the Careerforce channel.

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