Top 10 Posts of 2020: Admin Edition

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As we head towards the end of each year, the team likes to take a step back and look at our achievements and milestones during the year that has passed. We are always proud of what we and our group of community contributors have produced, adding significant value to the Salesforce ecosystem.

With tons of posts published for Admins, and our highest views of all time, we were curious to find out which were the most popular posts with Admins? Well, the results are in! Here are the posts aimed at Salesforce Admins that received the top 10 pageview counts this year.


10. Salesforce Dynamic Actions – Overview & Deep Dive Tutorial

A brand new feature for 2020, Dynamic Actions! Dynamic Actions will enable you to create uncluttered, intuitive and responsive pages that display only the actions your users need to see based on criteria you specify.

9. How to Monitor User Activity in Salesforce

Before you can protect your data, you have to know where the data is and who can access it. Salesforce often host an organization’s most sensitive data, and monitoring who can access that information is vital for safeguarding it – this is where user activity monitoring comes in.

8. Salesforce Admin Salary Guide 2021

Salesforce Admin salaries are a hot topic, and for good reason! The Salesforce Economy is growing at such a rate that Salesforce Administrators find themselves in a favourable position, with higher average salaries than equivalent roles in other industries. How much do Salesforce Admins earn, and how do you find out?

7. Salesforce Administrator Certification Guide & Tips

The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is regarded as the foundation level qualification for any Salesforce professional. It covers the core Salesforce CRM platform, including the Sales & Service Cloud products, as well as the platform that enables you to extend standard Salesforce functionality.

6. 25 Most Popular Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2020

Chrome Extensions are a big part of an Admin’s working life, supporting you in being productive in a variety of ways. There are many great Salesforce Chrome Extensions to choose from to help in your role.

5. Introduction to Salesforce Flow

Salesforce Flow empowers you to build complex business solutions using clicks, not code. Flow Builder is the most powerful tool that a Salesforce Admin has at their disposal, giving you similar powers that Salesforce developers have.

This post will take you through Salesforce Flow basics, and answer the following questions: What are Flows? What are Flow’s features? How can Flows be called? And finally, can Flows become the ‘one tool to rule them all’?

4. Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Knowledge

Lightning Knowledge is a major reworking of the Classic Knowledge features and is more than just a change in UI. This blog introduces you to the basics of Lightning Knowledge so you can plan your roll-out and know somethings to expect whether you’re migrating from Classic or rolling things out for the first time!

3. Salesforce URL Hacking for Lightning – Tutorial

One of our favourite Admin tricks, URL hacking, was back from the Spring ‘20 release and available in Lightning Experience!

2. Salesforce Dynamic Forms – Overview & Deep Dive Tutorial

It was 13 years in the making, 10771 votes, and 30 merged ideas; but the #1 asked for feature, Dynamic Forms, was finally released in 2020. Dynamic Forms have already seen multiple enhancements this year and we’ve been sure to keep this post up to date with all the new and exciting features.

1. 30 Salesforce Lightning Admin Interview Questions & Answers

Job interviews can be tricky, especially when it comes to demonstrating your mastery of technology. To demonstrate that you’ve mastered something you’d generally have to go into detail at great length and that’s not usually what interviewers are looking for. Check out these 30 sample Salesforce Lightning questions and answers to help you ace your interview.


Well that’s a wrap for our top 10 Admin posts in 2020. We can’t wait to bring you more exciting content in 2021.

If there are any topics or posts you would particularly like to see in 2021, let us know in the comments!

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