Salesforce Object Key Prefix List

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Here are a bunch of commonly used objects and there Object Key Prefix.

Object Key Prefixes Object
001 Account
002 Note
003 Contact
005 User
006 Opportunity
500 Case
701 Campaigns
007 Activity
00B ListView / View
00D Organization
00E UserRole
00G Group
00I Partner
00O Report
00P Attachment
00Q Lead
00T Task
00U Event
00X EmailTemplate
00Y EmailTemp
00e Profile
00h Layout – Page Layout
00i Pricebook
00j Product
00k OpportunityLineItem
00l Folder
00v CampaignMember
01Z Dashboard
01a DashboardComponent
01s Pricebook2
01t Product2
02c Sharing Rule
03u UserPreference
800 Contract
801 Order
802 OrderItem
806 Approval