Salesforce Sphere – November Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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Salesforce Sphere is here to update you on the latest and greatest going on in the Salesforce universe.

Dreamforce! Dreamforce! Get your Dreamforce here! The month of November started off with a bang, with Salesforce’s largest event of the year (even the world’s largest event of the year), Dreamforce. We learned that 2018 is going to be a brand new year for Salesforce with many new products such myEinstein, myTrailhead, myLighting and more. The event also had many famous speakers including Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher. There was also the announcement about Google’s Partnership with Salesforce which is sure to excite most. Lastly, if you have a few certs under your belt, make sure to check out the Release Exams that came out in November for the Winter 18 Release.

15 Big Salesforce Announcements from Dreamforce

If you didn’t have a chance to face the enormous crowds of Dreamforce this year, then this article might be your saving grace and your next Salesforce Admin get together. Rob Marvin from PCMag does a fantastic job of listing out the top 15 big things that came out of Dreamforce this year (and man there were many). Some of my favorite call outs are the Einstein Prediction Builder and the Quip Collaboration Platform.

Dreamforce 2017 recap and highlights!

Not to overload you with too much Dreamforce (oh who I am kidding, there can never be enough of it), I wanted to make sure to include David Liu’s take on the event, as he is an avid attender of it. This year he brings us sad stories about lack of swag (although he still got 17 shirts) and cool information, like Lightning is no longer our future, but rather our Present!

An Introduction to MyTrailhead

Ines Garcia, from SalesforceBen, wrote about a new product from Salesforce, that I am so happy to see released. It is called myTrailhead. Ines does a great job shedding her insight into what the product will be and includes a lovely video from Salesforce about the product. If you touch training at all within your organization, then you are going to want to check this out.

Salesforce: Time field (Beta)

A short article about Time Field, a new feature in Salesforce that is currently in Beta. I don’t know about you, but I am singing praises for this field. It has so much potential, especially around SLAs, that I am surprised it took this long to get. SimplySfdc does a nice review of the field and it’s capabilities as well as how to incorporate it into a formula.

Sandbox Design for Enterprise-level Implementations!

Finally, you can tell yourself and anyone who asks, that you have a clear and definitive article to share with all your friends and colleagues about what each and every Sandbox type Salesforce offers is for. Guha from forcetalks gives a really good breakdown of the different options Salesforce provides for Sandbox types. He also gives the reasoning behind why you would choose one type over another depending on your development needs. Lastly, he also lays out some Salesforce best practices regarding Sandboxes, user testing and architecture. Regardless of your level in Salesforce, I highly recommend taking a look at this, I am sure you are going to learn something new.

6 Tips for Supporting Salesforce with a Small Team

Have you ever wondered how to support Salesforce with a tiny team? Well, Spencer Pereira, from Nuvem Consulting has provided us with 6 great tips for how to go about doing just that. His tips range from ideas like using Cases internally to manage requests, to be brave enough to say that you need help, whether from the community or in considering additional man power through either a consulting partner or in-house. As someone working on a 1.5 person Salesforce team, I found this article to be accurate and reassuring in its messaging.

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