Salesforce Sphere – September Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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Each month Salesforce Sphere will bring you the best of the previous month’s hot topics from Salesforce bloggers, Consulting companies and Salesforce itself. Make sure to check in each month to stay up to date with what is going on in the Salesforce community.

Septembers Top Posts

Salesforce administrator responsibilities: What needs to be done and when

This article from David Taber at CIO, provides a fantastic description of what an admin typically does at a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. David goes into fine detail of what makes an admin’s role regardless of the size of the company.

I think that this piece has value for both those folks looking to join the Salesforce Admin group and those already in it. For the newbies, it gives a clear and understandable perspective of what one can expect to be doing. For someone who is already in the field, well I can tell you that I personally found a few bullets that I am adding to my to-do list.

If you are an admin or want to be one, be sure to check this out!

Webinar recording: Salesforce career path strategies!

Have you ever wondered which Salesforce career path you should take or questioned the one you are on? Well, David Liu from is here to help! In a 1-hour Webinar hosted by Cloud Co-Op, David goes through 3 different possible career paths that Salesforce can offer. These include, Admin, Developer, and my one day hope to-be, Technical Architect.

As always, David does a wonderful job presenting, and I especially enjoyed the short color coded quiz at the beginning to see which way you lean most. This is a definite must watch.

Ultimate Dreamforce Parties 2017

It’s that time of year again, Dreamforce 17 is just around the corner, and Ben McCarthy from SalesforceBen, takes us through what should be the most exciting parties of the year. Ben provides you with the times, locations, and the who’s who of the night time parties that will be happening throughout the week. Whether you want something early or want to party through the later hours, Ben has got you covered.

If you are planning on attending, make sure to check this out and sign up before all the spaces are gone!

Passing Salesforce CPQ + Study Guide

While this is a bit of a self-plug, it is still important to call out in September’s roundup. After successfully passing the CPQ Specialist exam, which by no means was an easy one, I wanted to help the community by creating a Study Guide for this exam. I believe that with this guide, in combination, with the couple other bloggers who generated link lists, you should be able to feel pretty confident with the material.

Blaze your way back to school this September with Trailhead

September was back to school month! And Amy Grenham from Desynit, reminds us “older folks” to not forget about Trailhead. She calls out my favorite part about Trailhead, by saying what it’s not, “It’s also a world away from the yawn-making, stuffy IT training centre learning of the past.”

I will continue to plug Trailhead any chance I get, so when my fellow bloggers do it, I want to share. Trailhead is one of the best things Salesforce has come up with and they know it. If you aren’t already on Trailhead, get on there today!

Swagger / Open API + Salesforce = LIKE

For the developers out there, this one is for you. Andy Fawcett, from Andy in the Cloud, brings us some lovely news about Swagger and Salesforce working together in sweet sweet harmony. For those that don’t know, Swagger is a multi-faceted tool, generally used for its API documentation generator.

I wanted to call this post out because of my positive previous experience with Swagger and its relative ease of use.

Next Month

Over the course of October, we’re going to see a huge amount of content come out about Dreamforce. As the date draws closer, more news will appear about the sessions and products that will drive this year. Stay tuned for the next Salesforce Sphere!

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