Salesforce Sphere – November Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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I hope you all had a wonderfully spooky Halloween for those of you who celebrate it! This month was a bit quieter than last month and that trend will probably continue through the Holiday season. As always, though, I have scoured and found some nice treats to end your October with.

8 Lessons from Managing Over 350M Lines of Salesforce Metadata

Next up from Alex Brausewetter, comes a great article about how to handle very large Salesforce org. Having been in that world myself, I agree 100% with the lessons that he is sharing. My favorite of his lessons is about DevOps now being a requirement for Salesforce teams. I see this as a very important step for large organizations that rely heavily on Salesforce. I highly recommend this article for everyone and it should be shared!

Who you gonna’ call?

As a fun Halloween treat from the folks at Desynit, they have officially stuck the song in my head. This month they brought a short but sweet article on things you can do when you need support. I find working with a Salesforce Partner or looking through the forums to help best. This is a goodie to keep bookmarked for those days you are wondering where else to look.

My Journey: From Helping My Family Put Food On the Table to Salesforce Essentials Customer and MVP

This article is on the longer side of things but it is worth the read. Rakesh Gupta, from Automation Champion, in this article talks about how he got into Salesforce, how he became an MVP, and what he appreciates from the Salesforce community. I found it to be a very inspiring story and I hope you do too.

Salesforce Inbox License

I feel like right now, Lightning for Outlook is on everyone’s mind. This month, SimplySFDC brings us a quick how-to with regards to understanding how to know if a user has a Inbox License. With the update in Winter 19 with Inbox rolling into Lightning for Outlook, knowing who has licenses will be important, as it may be harder to tell directly from the application.

Salesforce Winter 19 Features – Communities, Chatter & Files

Continuing in the Winter ‘19 theme, GearsCRM, wrote a pretty in-depth article about all of the changes that impact Communities, Files, and Chatter. In my opinion, these can sometimes be left in the dust when thinking about changes that occurred in the update (unless you have a lot going on in Communities, then I am sure you know what’s up). I think that this is a good read if you want to know what else is going on and how it may impact your users.

What’s next for the Idea Exchange?

Lastly, an article from SFDCWeekly, which is stemming from their Bright Ideas series. Lo and behold, unbeknownst to me, and possibly you, Salesforce is looking to overhaul and update how their Idea system works.  I recommend reading the article and watching the clip if you have the time. I really hope it ends up being as beneficial as it sounds.

We are heading now into World tour season, so make sure to check out the Salesforce Events page and head on over to your nearest and dearest. And if you don’t read something from me beforehand, enjoy your winter Holidays!!

P.S. If you all would not mind, there is an Idea for Advanced Approvals that definitely needs some love and attention, please help me to upvote it, you can find it here.

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