Salesforce Sphere – February Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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February has been a short but amazing month. We entered into the month enjoying the Winter Olympics by rooting on your favorite team, country, or person, or as David Liu decided to find his own gold medal. Salesforce also closed off their fiscal 2018 year with some record breaking numbers for the company. To top things off with a cherry on top, Salesforce will be bringing us a cookbook and they are looking for us to submit recipes! The best part? Appy is leading the way!

All About Salesforce Extensions for VS Code

While this post may be a lengthy one, it shares some interesting elements about the developments going on behind the scenes for the IDE platform Salesforce has been hard at work on for the last year, Salesforce DX. I think what I took away from this as most critical is that Salesforce has made a conscious decision to not move forward with IDE 2 and is instead continuing to move forward to transition solely to Visual Studio Code. If you are an app developer or interested in the IDEs provided by SFDC I highly recommend taking a glance through this article.

Salesforce Predictions for 2018: Be Aware of Change

Yuliia Simashko from SalesforceBen, brought us a great little guide to what we can expect in the year 2018 in the way of changes both big and small for Salesforce. She makes a point to call out potential giants that may be looking to part and/or utilize Salesforce more than they do today and the various markets that Salesforce might be expanding into. I think this is a great short read for all parties, but if you are looking for your next space in the Salesforce sphere, this might give you some great ideas.

GDPR and the Salesforce Individual Object

James Harbutt, from desynit has made sure to remind us of the impending deadline for GDPR which is just around the corner (May 25th). GDPR will have an impact on us all and affects both internal and external users. This article brings to light something that came out as part of the Spring ‘18 release in order to help with the protections required for Leads and Contacts. If you are an admin and/or in marketing than this is the article for you not to miss!

Salesforce: Lightning Experience Adoption Query

This How To article from SimplySFDC is short and sweet but also mighty useful. For the number of folks who are considering a transition from Classic to Lightning this one is for you. This article tells you about a tool for tracking your users and whether or not they are actually using the Lightning Interface or the Classic one. When it becomes time, I will definitely be using this one.

How to get Salesforce coding experience

Lately, this topic has actually been on my mind as I have seen more and more Salesforce Admin positions call for development skills. I have been wondering myself how does one gain experience if not directly from the work environment in coding? Well, David Liu gives a wonderful series of answers in this post, which is part of a series he has on how to get a developer job. I hope you find it as insightful as I have.

Although February has come and gone, many more exciting things are happening in March. There is SnowForce ‘18 in the Rocky Mountains happening towards the beginning of the month, and then towards the end of the month is TrailheaDX, which just extended it’s $699 rate, so don’t miss out! Also available now, is registration for Midwest Dreamin’ 2018 which is happening in July.

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