Salesforce Adds a Meditation Room to it’s Tower in London

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Salesforce has created a meditation room to support employees being more mindful, located on the 30th floor at the Salesforce Tower in London and can be used by Salesforce employees when they want to enable some more head space while in the office.
What is meditation? Meditation is a means of transforming or training the mind so you can be more present and learn a more positive ways of being. Ultimately the brain is a muscle and should get some training!


Why is this important? As our beloved learning platform Trailhead tell us: ‘Being mindful of that makes your employees happier and your company more successful’ and it is important to reflect on what makes you excited to do your job.

I personally practice mindfulness, a type of meditation, thanks to the very easy onboarding application HeadSpace. Mindfulness actually means ‘the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something’ allowing you to achieve a mental state by focusing one’s awareness at the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and sensations.

Emma Chalwin, chief marketing officer for Salesforce in the UK, tweeted on Saturday:

and described the space as ‘somewhere to take time out, energise yourself, and clear your mind, before going back to your desk feeling invigorated’.

The meditation room opened a couple weeks ago and is part of a wider refurb to their 10 occupied floors in the building.

Marc Benioff, Saleforce CEO, is a fan and practices mindfulness although the idea of having built-in meditation rooms didn’t come from him but it actually came from ‘30 Buddhist monks who were staying at his home’ in San Francisco end of last year, as he explained to the New York times.

If you were wondering why is Salesforce one of the Best Companies to work for & LinkedIn Top Attractors, this will be surely one of many reasons!

The thing is that Salesforce is an example organization to follow, not only leading in product and innovation but with it’s values. This ecosystem it is a great place to be.

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