Ultimate Salesforce Blogs List

With so many great individual and company run blogs out there, its hard to find a lot of them unless you follow the particular linked account on social media. To try and get around this, I thought I would compile the be all and end all, ultimate Salesforce blogs… Read More

Clueless About CPQ?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a hot topic in the world of Cloud Computing and Salesforce Ecosystem. CPQ rapidly became a saturated space with a fierce competitive landscape, simply because a CPQ solution can revolutionize a sales cycle. This article will cover what CPQ is,… Read More

7 Tips from Salesforce Influencers

In the Salesforce community, we’re always looking to discover more about Salesforce the company and doing our jobs as Salesforce admins, developers and architects better. Following Jenny Bamber’s post earlier week, 6 Ways to Get Support and Network Within Salesforce, I’d like to present another way to… Read More