New Service Cloud VP & Features

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We have a great addition to the Salesforce Service Cloud family (drum roll please),  let us welcome Bill Patterson as the new Service Cloud Senior Vice President and Product Management Leader.

Mr Patterson said: “Salesforce is truly a special place” acknowledging the move from Microsoft Dynamics 365 after over 14 years of service.

Having already received some good news from an early placement, Salesforce Service Cloud was named a leader product by Forrester Research “Customer Service Solutions for Enterprise Organizations”:

Prior to Bill joining Salesforce, Adam Blitzer was looking after both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud teams. The Service Cloud product is constantly increasing its offerings, some of the recent additions are the Lightning Service Console, LiveMessage, Snap-ins, SOS, Field Service Lightning etc.

To helps us learn its constant innovation Salesforce have recently released, via Trailhead, some new trails:
 – Discover Advanced Service Cloud Features
 – Get on the Road with Field Service Lightning
 – Make the Move from to Service Cloud

You may want to jump into these before the upcoming release notes get published.

If you are not yet using Service Cloud, have a think on how your business is processing customer services today.

With that I will leave you with some food for thought; the results from a customer research report Service cloud brings on average:
 – 40% increase in customer satisfaction
 – 39% increase in customer retention
 – 40% decrease in support costs
 – 40% more productive agents
 – 42% faster case resolution

To help get started even more easily Salesforce made available the Service Cloud SetUp Home which was released at the end of last month. This out-of-the-box feature enables non-technical administrators to build a customer service organisation with connected services “in less than a day”.

You can get your call centre up and running quickly and without coding, taking you through the steps and customising with the wizard your starting point for the Service Cloud addition.

Keith Pearce, Vice President of marketing for Salesforce Service Cloud said: “The audience that our customers serve – their customers – is changing, and the consumer expectations are just skyrocketing around service experiences with connected products in the home, in the office, in the car or on your wrist, and these create these really personalized experiences“.

And last but not least, Einstein is joining in the fun! Helping Service Cloud optimise how calls are routed via a new feature called Einstein Case Management, initial customer information gathering via chatbots and Einstein supervisor bringing real-time insights and smart data discovery to give managers a better sense of agent availability, queues and wait times.

3 thoughts on “New Service Cloud VP & Features

  1. Ines, great write up on the service cloud and the new VP for Service cloud. Great information for anyone who uses Salesforce, and just hasn’t utilized the Service Cloud in their organization. Thanks for sharing this!
    Best and thanks,
    Kruse Collins

  2. I don’t think Salesforce or the Einstein functionality aids in routing calls at all. That logic continues to live in the ACD, which is external to Salesforce. Perhaps instead of calls you meant email/web cases?

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