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Have you heard about the “[email protected] Dilemma”? Industry analyst, Forrester, coined the term to describe the complexity organisations are demanding from their Salesforce, stacked on top of one another. Enhancements requested from the business are increasingly trickier to make happen – peeling away layer after layer, to avoid any risk of breaking customisations. The result? Innovation and process optimisation stalls.

Can you put a price on your users’ morale and happiness? What we can quantify, however, is user productivity, adoption, and speed of onboarding new users – these are the metrics that admins and consultants use to deliver Salesforce solutions with value.

The team over at, who have produced some great content here on in the past, are on a mission to save admins and consultants from the “[email protected] Dilemma”. Following Ian’s authoring debut, he’s back again with another piece of life-saving literature – Rapid Results.

3+ Things You Will Learn

Rapid Results shows Admins & Consultants how to achieve user adoption results and reduce costs in hours, by laying out 3 practical steps:

  1. Clean up page layouts: with some unexpected knock-on benefits – declutter with confidence!
  2. Extend the Salesforce help on fields: support the process, not just the field purpose – plus collect feedback from users.
  3. Remove unused Managed Packages: does your Org feel a bit bloated? Stop wasting money on unused licenses too.

Ian has even made sure your clean-up work isn’t in danger of going unnoticed – with a dedicated chapter on reporting.


Rapid Results is designed to be a quick fix to the growing “[email protected] Dilemma”. It’s life-saving literature for Admins and Consultants tasked with juggling platform innovation, enhancement requests, user adoption and budget. The book aims to be pragmatic and has a huge amount of information as well as step-by-step guides to support you with your Org.

Download here and enjoy!

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