RingsTrue In-Depth Review [The AppAssessor #3]

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If you’ve had to spend hours calling phone numbers from Salesforce, only to find that your time is wasted by empty fields, inconsistent data entry, or just poor quality, then perhaps RingsTrue could help to alleviate your stress.

RingsTrue is now on the AppExchange and was created by Cloud Ursa a Salesforce Partner as a tool to validate the quality, test phone numbers in Salesforce, and attempt to resolve them where possible.

Cloud Ursa, the implementation partner who developed RingsTrue can also assist with administration, configuration, development, training, and various other Salesforce related needs.

If there are any specific pieces of functionality that you may want additional, Cloud Ursa will explore building this into their app specifically for your business.


RingsTrue can cleanse a system’s phone number information either as a batch job or on a run-time triggering basis. You can expect the tool to review the phone numbers of all account, contact, or lead records (including custom fields) and take a phone number on a whole validation journey.

This validation involves removing any non valid characters, adding a country code (if missing) and updating them to a consistent format. It then reaches into a global telecommunication network to confirm whether that particular number is in service.

There are two modes than a user can execute, one being a scheduled job that an admin can initialize and the other being a real-time click of a button on the record page.

Scheduling can be run weekly for all these objects on a specific day (or days), monthly, or at the click of a button. Alternatively, if you do need to break this down, you can setup the schedule so it is specific to one of the three objects.

When executed, the job will analyse how many of your records require attention, how many records are missing a phone field, and how many have a phone field stored in the form of a log object.

The exciting part is that the app tests the phone number against a large telecommunication database!

Here you can utilise reports or dashboards to examine these the logs if you wish to track how phone data coming into Salesforce is improving over time.

This cleansing process will also log any changes in phone fields, so that you’re able to revert the field back to its original value should it be required.

You can see by the previous value and the current value how the altering occurs and the new format that gets applied to phone data and exactly how it was manipulated.

You’ll then be able to see exactly which records still require attention (if needed), or if it’s verified by RingsTrue as something that’s worthwhile having your users call.


Depending on how many phone numbers your organisation stores and how reliant users are on their accuracy, this app can save a lot of time and even potentially save a few deals from resulting in invalid number dial-tones.

If your organisation uses Sales Cloud or a similar setup, this could be a great fit as the app is built with the lead conversion process in mind. Sales people that are heavily reliant on this information for converting leads or winning opportunities can ensure their time is efficiently spent and prioritise on validated numbers.

This App could also be a foundational tool for any automation, as it reflects which accounts don’t have valid phone numbers in the system and what needs to be reviewed. One example could be to create an email alert where if a contact has a phone number that’s empty or of poor quality, then the system could proactively send an email to the customer and start the engagement to correct this (reliant on the Salesforce experience to build this logic of course).

Another use case would be if your company has a global phone number registry as maintaining a consistent format with an area code applied is imperative. You’ll be able to easily identify records that breach these rules and in some instances, fix them without user involvement.

One thing to note, is that an alternative way to ensure consistent phone number entry could be achieved using validation rules (REGEX functionality) and required fields. If you’re looking for a more intuitive solution (that uses an external telecommunications database!), your org has integrations with external systems, or the poor data already exists in the system, then this app is worth exploring further.


The initial setup is very simple, and simply installing the package gives you all the power to run the tool provided you have the correct license.

It’s simply a matter of switching to the new RingsTrue App and clicking the designated tab, which will then take you to an introductory Visualforce page which will walk you through what needs to be configured in the back end (little, if any upskill is required).

There are also plenty of help links to drive further queries, but it’s very easy to execute the tool.

Just be sure to try the app out in a partial / full copy Sandbox first for those larger scale Salesforce Instances. As the app does alter data, it’s good practice to make sure the results are what you’re expecting to see.

As a note though, you will need to add in the RingsTrue fields to your list views, page layouts, or reports, but it is simple configuration work for an administrator. The package also has default reports which can be used as templates, so they’re a great place to reference if you’re still not sure what’s included in the package.


The pricing for this app is $40 USD per user per month for the end user license. This gives the ability to validate single records in real time when entering in phone information.

In terms of an admin license, which allows for bulk verification and checking against a database, this is dependent on the size of your business. Cloud Ursa would need to assess this and finalise a quote but does start at $40 USD for a small sized business (quite a steal).

That said, since the app only needs to be executed by one admin user so that the entire org to profits! If phone numbers are constantly tripping up users in their jobs, perhaps even a one month subscription could be worth exploring.

Non-for-profit’s also have discounting options available, so do enquire with the team to get more information on these.

One license can revamp an entire org to test the quality of the phone numbers in the system

Get in touch with Cloud Ursa for more information about this product, and below is a link to their demo which has even more insight!

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