5 Salesforce New Years Resolutions

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Firstly I would just like to thank everyones support and kind words I have received over the latter part of 2014. I only launched Salesforce Ben in April 2014 with an eye to help and entertain Salesforce Administrators and Consultants with relevant, interesting and varied topics. Heres to a happy and successful 2015 for all of us and Salesforce!

These Salesforce ‘Resolutions’ are mainly aimed at Administrators who are working internally with an Org but can apply to anyone configuring or working with Salesforce.  I’ve picked these tips ups over the years working with SFDC and can certainly say I wish I took them onboard a bit sooner in some cases!

1.I Will Keep Data Clean


Its something that the Salesforce community and myself go on about quite a bit, but it is paramount to running a successful Salesforce implementation.  If you are unsure about what exactly bad data is then check out this post where I give examples. There are a lot of options when looking at ways to enforce clean data including, Validation Rules,  AppExchange Apps and other neat tricks. Make sure to check out my “What Is Bad Data?” post for more information

2. I will use Descriptions and Proper Naming Conventions

A mistake that I used to make a lot is not properly thinking about Descriptions and Names for your Workflows, Validation Rules, Formula Fields and other features inside Salesforce. Its all too tempting to rush creating a Workflow Rule wanting to get to the end result without properly thinking about the Name and Description, but it will come back to haunt you. Too many times had I found myself looking through various Workflow Rules that link together trying to decipher the Formula/Solution I had made. I found this to be even more confusing with some Validation rules.

The easy solution to this is to properly think about a name and description to make sure that anyone that reads it, can understand almost instantly what its purpose is for.

3. I will apply Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis



Put your Business Analyst hat on in 2015! Individuals who can apply Gap Analysis are extremely valuable in any organisation. Gap Analysis is the comparison of current performance and processes vs what can be achieved. This could be as simple as adding a Workflow Rule to update a field or to more advanced features such as adding a CPQ application such as Apttus to make your Sales Team more effective at selling. Identify bottlenecks in your business processes that need improvement and find solutions!

4. I will take advantage of the AppExchange



The AppExchange is the secret weapon in your arsenal to make your job, your users and managers jobs easier. The AppExchange has a wide range of applications that can bolt on to your existing instance of Salesforce to help you Administer, help your users sell/service their customers and help your managers manage and report.

The AppExchange has many free and paid applications that can help you with your solutions for Gap Analysis above and may save you a lot of time developing a custom application that already exists for free.

5.I will continue to learn!

There is really no excuse not to learn as much as possible about the platform you are working with. Salesforce and the community members give you a huge community to learn. From the Salesforce Certifications to many blogs like my own such as the famous Button Click Admin by the MVP Mike Gerholdt. Another one of my favourites if you are looking down the developer route is David Liu’s fantastic SFDC 99 Blog where I learned to write my first APEX Trigger.


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