Meet Salesforce DMP (Krux)

It’s been around 8 months since Salesforce acquired Krux, and now they are rebranding as: Salesforce DMP. DMP stands for Data Management Platform, which holds audience and campaign data, a sort of data warehouse taken from all kinds of different information sources. Krux was initially focused on… Read More

The App Assessor – Geopointe

Overview – Group edition and up – Doesn’t count towards object / tab limits – Lightning Ready Highlights – Amazing native extension for Salesforce1 – Geographic visualisation masterpiece – Powerful route planning – Extensive amount of features Notes – Launches Google Maps for specific directions – Value… Read More

The Salesforce AI Breakthrough Explained

Practically everyone in the Salesforce industry is sitting with bated breath waiting for the revolutionary first AI-enabled CRM to materialise. Salesforce announced their first break-through towards that revolution: Text Summarisation. Although the world is still being kept in suspense, this is an exciting leap in… Read More

NEW! The Trailhead Tracker

Just in time for the World Tour, last week Salesforce released some updates about Trailhead (the fun way to learn salesforce). To give you first a bit of context Trailhead was launched first at the beginning of 2014. Now, two and a half years later… Read More