Salesforce & Dropbox Sign Strategic Partnership

On March 9, 2018 Dropbox and Salesforce signed a strategic partnership to integrate their platform with Dropbox to enhance the collaboration and connectivity with their customers with the business providers. Confirming the news Dennis Woodside, Chief Operating Officer at Dropbox stated, “Salesforce has completely changed the… Read More

Salesforce Acquire CloudCraze!

This early morning, whilst I was browsing my notifications, I came across in LinkedIn to the latest news of a new acquisition from Salesforce! A company that I actually know, how cool is that!? Although based in Chicago, I met some of the CloudCraze London… Read More

The App Assessor – Natterbox

Overview – Enterprise and Up – Doesn’t count towards object / tab limits – Lightning Ready Highlights – Native to Salesforce – Powerful automation and customer self-service options – Massive number of features – Text-to-Speech (including the use of fields from Salesforce!) – SMS Options Available… Read More