[Webinar] UI/UX 1O1 for Salesforce Communities

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Salesforce Ben and Skuid are teaming up for a live webinar to discuss Salesforce communities – a powerful option for creating engaging, connected experiences for every business need. But with so much functionality, it’s hard to know where to start. Join us as we discuss best UX/UI practices for building Salesforce communities.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a powerful option for creating engaging portals for every business need. But knowing what your options are and what limitations you have to navigate can be a challenge. We’ll talk about the importance of building a community that’s personalized to your customers, partners, or employees’ needs, how to maximize your Salesforce investment, and best practices for building quickly and cost-effectively.

We’ll be discussing the following topics:

  • How to customize communities to your business process, data, and brand.
  • How to simplify the UX for your end users whether they are partners, customers, or employees.
  • How to break down silos and connect systems, data, applications, and content without incurring massive amounts of technical debt.
  • Knowing when your design will be limited by out-of-the-box functionality – and how to overcome those limitations without code.

All of this will help you create stunning, simple-to-use portals that are an interactive extension of your brand so you can enhance the user experience for those who matter most: your partners, employees, and customers.

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