10 Retro Salesforce Infographics (That Will Make You Smile)

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Salesforce has come on in huge leaps since SalesforceBen.com was first launched. Part of my role is to revise the content on the site. With Salesforce technology constantly evolving and expanding into new ventures, we have our work cut out, for sure. Then, one day, I came across these Salesforce infographics.

Who doesn’t love an infographic, condensing key information into a visual, friendly format. The infographics you will tour in this post were published “Everyone Loves a Salesforce Infographic” in June 2015. While the statistics and technology appear antiquated, one thing has proven timeless…everyone does love a Salesforce infographic.


Enjoy these retro Salesforce infographics that would otherwise have been lost to the dark depths of the digital world.

Salesforce AppExchange Installs

The Salesforce AppExchange is the marketplace to help extend Salesforce. I would be surprised if you haven’t downloaded at least one package from this digital store – with so many innovative partners, components, and free solutions to enjoy.

Salesforce celebrated 3 mil AppExchange installs. That number has reached 9.5 mil+ installs (9,547,257 to be exact, I checked just now). “Who’s using the AppExchange? Oh, just everybody”…


Source – Salesforce

Salesforce Acquisitions

Do you remember how Salesforce went on an ‘acquisition spree’ in 2016, acquiring around 10 companies in a single year? Well, you would be remiss to overlook all of the historic acquisitions that have made Salesforce what it is today.

This timeline shows us all the Salesforce acquisitions (2006-2011), most of which went on to become Salesforce products and feature we use today (some will surprise you). Salesforce has now made 66 acquisitions in total.

And monetary value? “Over $831mil in acquisitions over 5 years” this infographic states – in 2021, the figure based on where the price was disclosed (27 transactions) is over $63 bil.


Source – Authority Labs

What it Takes to Become a Salesforce MVP

Salesforce MVPs demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities, are lifetime learners, who go above and beyond to share their expertise and help the Trailblazer Community. At the start of 2021, there were 200+ MVPs.

My favourite statistic from this infographic? 98% have taken a selfie with SaaSy, who got all the attention in the days before Astro, Codey & co.


Source – Apttus

The ‘Modern Marketer’, According to Pardot

Pardot has grown on a crazy trajectory since being acquired by Salesforce, and especially over the past few years as Pardot’s product architecture has become increasingly aligned with the core Salesforce platform.

If you’re familiar with the responsibilities Pardot admins have nowadays, what’s outlined in this infographic pales by comparison. These will only grow in number and scope as Pardot becomes more embedded in Sales Cloud, and more valuable to a business, as a result.


Source – Pardot


Dreamforce is Salesforce’s main conference that has earned a reputation as an atypical conference, unlike traditional corporate IT events. Attendees enjoy networking, learning at thousands of sessions, and the famous entertainment – it’s a spectacle that never fails to disappoint.

These infographics have captured the run-up to Dreamforce ’15 and ’14. The timeline features the big keynote announcements by year, and the ‘Dreamboat’ that was parked in the bay to alleviate the soaring demand for accommodation.

Notice the huge spike in attendees between 2011 and 2012! We know that Dreamforce grew to 170,000 attendees by 2019 (before happening virtually in 2020, and scaled down in 2021).


800wi (1)

Source – both Salesforce

The Salesforce Economy (The Global Footprint)

This infographic gives dense information that takes some time to unpack! The latest IDC report, published in 2019, forecast exciting Salesforce ecosystem growth over a 5 year period until 2024 – $1.2 trillion of new business revenues, 4.2 million new jobs, and many times more ‘indirect jobs’.

Salesforce forecast annual revenues that will exceed $50 billion in 2026 – a far cry from the $4.1 billion earned in 2014. I even remember when Salesforce anticipated their $10 billion milestone, which seemed astronomical at the time!


Source – Simplus

Guide To Becoming A Better Salesforce User

There is something persistent that still bugs Salesforce Admins to this day: users who don’t use Salesforce properly. Misuse could include not inputting data, failing to updating records, or generally abusing Salesforce objects.

Many of these tips are timeless, however users have it easier in 2021 and beyond. Salesforce Lightning gave the UI a much-needed facelift and optimization – plus, we know that Slack innovations are likely to supercede Salesforce Chatter.


Source – Galvin Tech

Salesforce Telehealth

In 2016, Salesforce introduced Telehealth, two-way video chat for Health Cloud (a patient relationship management solution). It seems that Telehealth is no longer around… but these findings from the first ever “The State of the Connected Patient” report remain:

Salesforce Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation

Saving the best until last! What strikes me is how long Salesforce was (what we now know as) Sales Cloud; Service Cloud didn’t come on to the scene until 2009! Now, I will leave you to enjoy this bumper infographic at your own pace…

Source – Salesforce

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