3 Free Lightning Web Components You Need

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As many of you know I’m a big fan of the Salesforce Labs program, which is a wonderful program inside Salesforce, for employees to share the apps they create in the AppExchange for everyone to take advantage of for free!

If you’ve not used the AppExchange before, you may want to check out our previous post on ”What Are Third-Party Lightning Components on the AppExchange?” as an introduction to this.

During the spring of last year, the program challenged employees to come up with LWC (Lightning Web Components) to simplify business processes, and there are many Salesforce Labs LWC available today here.

In this article we will cover my top 3 Lighting Web Components from Salesforce Labs.

1. Org Visualizer

As Trailhead puts it:

“As a long-time customer, you’ve built apps and customizations on the platform for several releases. The more you customize and build on the platform, the more complexity you create in your org. Your single Salesforce org has become a huge container for all the metadata you’re managing and interacting with. We refer to this horn of plenty as your “happy soup.”

Source: Break Up Your Metadata

I’m a big advocate of using visuals to consume information; it’s not just that visuals are easier to digest, but also it is proven that we can’t read and listen at the same time. It’s also how we form memories: with visuals, and we recall them in this way too.

So this component is a way for anyone to visualise your happy soup, with dependencies, it’s relationships, or where a field is referenced and so on.

As an added bonus, Kevin Reece the maker of this component, has been actively answering queries and lending a helping hand if someone has needed support to install/setup.

2. Multi-org Security

Continuing with the power of visuals, this one comes from my “cousin from another family”: Stephan Chandler-Garcia.

The component depicts the results of the Health Check view. It’s a great way to support the content of your conversations to tackle some of the results findings. Having visuals like this is not only good for explaining something to others, but I find it also useful for oneself to organise one’s thoughts.

It’s also multi org! Meaning you can show data from your production instances and sandboxes in one place. A Health Check for a single org is fine to look at but when it is applied across environments it gets complicated, so this component stores the results in an object, and you can schedule results on a daily basis. Once you have done the config you can then filter the data, hover over the visual representation of findings and also create tasks and notifications to users to deal with action items.

3. Cookie Consent for Communities

Last but not least is this cookie control component for your Experience Cloud portals (Salesforce Communities).

With this component you can gather consent, as well as allow your visitors to take control of the tracking of their cookies. You can configure the cookies and categories in Salesforce, then use them in the external user interface.

This component is intended to help you manage 3rd party cookies rather than the out of the box cookies for Communities.

For example in the last Experience Cloud launch I was involved with, we were using Google Analytics and an embedded A/B web tracking functionality so that we could run small tests and learn when diverting the customers to specific areas. Those are examples of the type of 3rd party cookies you may have or want running in your portals. You still need specific and detailed consent to comply with regulations, which is what this component helps you to achieve.

If you and the team need to define the functional cookies for the Experience Cloud to perform you can find more details here.


Visuals are super powerful, including popups! Take advantage of some of the free available components in the AppExchange thanks to the Salesforce Labs program. These are only three Lightning Web Components on a growing list…check out the complete list here. Let us know your favourites!

One thought on “3 Free Lightning Web Components You Need

  1. One that’s on my list: Profile and Permission Set Helper. It’s still in development. You can analize profiles and permission sets permissions e.g., object level, fls, system permissions). You can convert a profile to a permission set (permission sets can be added as components of change sets, whereas profiles cannot). And the latest iteration adds a new report tab where you can analyze a profile, or compare more than one, and export the results. There are still a few wrinkles to iron out, Sharon Li is and her team are working hard at it. This is a much needed tool. Gracias, Inés!

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