Administrator Vs Developer Infographic

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There is a very clear yet sometimes confusing line between a real Salesforce Administrator & Developer. This can continue to become even more confusing in smaller organisations where one employee is tasked with administrating and building complex programatic apps in the Salesforce environment.  Below you will find an Infographic that has been put together by Salesforce whiz and Infographic extraordinaire Elliot Hebert. This gives you a clear idea of what you can expect in each role, the salaries for these jobs spread over different continents in their local currency and also some job paths you may take. For more of an in depth look into the differences of each of these roles, Jenny Bamber over at Jenny’s Admin Tips has a great breakdown of the roles and tasks involved.


5 thoughts on “Administrator Vs Developer Infographic

  1. Ben,

    Great information and thanks for feeding this into the community and putting Austin, Tx in your graph, our home base. I hope the corporation and recruiting firms pay close attention. There is a distinct different between a Salesforce Developer 401 and 501 which would be a coder/programmer in all other worlds. Admin’s like myself which also carries the Developer certification are not Coders (Dev 501). When asking for an Admin with 501 skills then you need to expect to pay 501 Developer pricing for that talent. This is hard to find, a mixture of business process (201) and coding (501) type of person. Generally, it is one or the other. Let’s see how the new Platform Certification play into these corporate/consulting roles. Love your post Ben, look forward to more.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for your kind words and I completely agree.

      I think the “Developer” certification named by Salesforce can be a bit confusing sometimes, hopefully the new certs are going to describe roles better with platform app builder and developer I & II.

  2. Ben,
    This is a great article. I realize its been some time since you’ve written this but i was wondering. How does this stack up to the certifications that are available today? I am very interested in this as it seems that the considerations for what was a dev 1 and what was an advanced administrator are now much different. Please correct me if i am mistaken.

    1. Hey Jared, you’re half right! The old Dev exam and advanced Dev exam has been replaced with 3. Platform app builder (point and click) , platform developer 1 and platform developer 2. The adv admin is still the same though. Hope this helps

  3. Hi Ben,
    Great article and thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    As I want to become a Salesforce Admin, I’d like to ask you about the best path to learn and the best tools in the market in your opinion? Also whether you think I should read the 6000 pages guide of Salesforce or only a part of it is useful for Admins?


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