What Is Salesforce Labs? My All-Time 5 Favourites

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I’m a big fan of the Salesforce Labs program, if you follow me on Twitter then you’ve probably heard me praising the program in the past!

In this post, I will tell you what Salesforce Labs is, reasons why you should use Salesforce Labs, and my top 5 favourites of all time!

What is Salesforce Labs?

For the ones that don’t already know, the Salesforce Labs is an awesome program inside Salesforce for employees to share the apps they create in the AppExchange for everyone to take advantage!

Side note on the AppExchange: an online marketplace for Salesforce apps, components, and consulting services. If you’re a Lightning Platform developer or consultant, the AppExchange is the gateway for connecting customers to your business solution. It’s just like the Apple Store but for your Salesforce Org, full of great apps ready off-the-shelf for you to configure.

Back to the Salesforce Labs, not only all of the above but the apps from this program are free and an open-source!

Boring disclaimer: Salesforce Labs apps are not official salesforce.com products.

Who would have said that they would be tweeting about our recent article about Supercharge Your Related Lists? 

Why Salesforce Labs?

Well with more than 250 solutions available in the AppExchange that ranges from on-boarding to utilities that manage batch jobs, and everything in-between…

We have already enjoyed some great tools from the Salesforce Labs, like the Optimiser Report started as a salesforce lab app and now is already part of the core application as is the Magic Mover of Notes and Attachments, or for example the Lightning Sharing now it’s been considered during the May 2019 cycle of prioritization for upcoming releases.

Looking at things that have come up recently, in my mind the Salesforce Labs acts as an extension of market research, allowing employees of Salesforce to release a minimum viable product (MVP) to market, see how it behaves, get earlier feedback, adapt earlier and gather data to potentially add it into the products.

Some others I have written about like the Trailhead Tracker, the Supercharge Your Related Lists, the Field Footprint, or  one of my favourites The Agile Accelerator!

My 5 Favourite Salesforce Labs Solutions

Here my top 5 Salesforce Labs Solutions, from ‘old-time’ besties to new discoveries.

#1. The Agile Accelerator

In brief, The Agile Accelerator is a slice of what Salesforce uses internally to build their products. Allowing you to ‘build Salesforce’ using Salesforce, what a great way to lead by example to your users!

Get it on the AppExchange.

#2. Round Robin Assigner

From Process Builder or Flows, assign any object sequentially and evenly to members of a public group. You can use Round Robin Assigner for cases, leads, opportunities, or any custom object that has either an Owner field or a lookup to a User.

Get it on the AppExchange

#3. Change Management at Login

Change Management at Login can be a great complementary feature to the ‘Prompts’, letting know important and relevant information at login to your users, before they get down to work.

Get it on the AppExchange

#4. Universal Tagging

Universal Tagging is a flexible way to label any record at any time, either for standard or custom object records. Then see all the records with a particular tag right from the record detail page.

Get it on the AppExchange

#5. myV2MOM

A V2MOM (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures) is a simple framework that Marc Benioff created to align the whole organisation, and right here is the app. myV2MOM allows you to enable employees to view the leadership vision and goals and set their own personal professional goals to align with.

Get it on the AppExchange


Have you used any Salesforce Labs solution? Tell us and the world, which one would you recommend? Check out a recent round-up of 13 New Solutions from Salesforce Labs, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “What Is Salesforce Labs? My All-Time 5 Favourites

    1. I have got the answer from Salesforce Labs Manager. Posting it here for others.

      “The majority of Labs are unmanaged packages but in the event they need to be a managed package we highly encourage their creators to add the source code in a Labs github repo https://github.com/salesforcelabs .

      This is still a work in process as we work with creators to add their source code.

      We do have a small selection of Labs that will likely not be added to the repo for a few different reasons (ex: may be added into the native platform) but that is a very small number compared to the 300+ solutions available.”

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