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Do You Really Know the Salesforce Trailhead Characters?

By Wioletta Balicka

Salesforce mascots are characters that delight everyone – guaranteed to put a smile on your face (even if they can’t help it). You’ll see these animals having a great time across Salesforce’s marketing materials, spreading joy, and making appearances at events in life-size and even plushy forms that you can take home!

Aside from the cute mascots, Salesforce has spun up genius brand marketing. Years ago, Salesforce took a daring turn in their marketing to stand out from the crowded enterprise software marketplace. In fact, Salesforce’s approach is the complete opposite of other traditional providers out there.

Salesforce Trailhead Mascot Crew

Sure, you know Astro, Codey, and Appy – the well-known faces of the Salesforce Trailhead world. But did you know there are nearly 20 characters in the Trailhead crew? 

These Trailhead mascots appeal to our playful side – curious to learn and believe in making the world a better place. They’re more than mere cartoons; they represent the joy around the Salesforce ecosystem!

Source: Salesforce

You think you know the Salesforce Trailhead characters… but do you actually? Picture yourself at the annual Trailblazer Megameet in London, where a quiz question makes you wonder: “Which character appears on flow-related Trailhead badges?” Do you know the answer? Read on to find out!


Astro is arguably the most well-known Salesforce mascot, representing ‘your guide to Salesforce’. This faithful, happy, and curious tanuki (a Japanese raccoon dog to most of us!) is always up for an adventure and never fails to inspire and bring joy to those starting out on their Trailblazer journey.

Source: Salesforce

Astro is a caring and versatile companion, ready to lend a helping paw whenever needed. With Astro by your side, navigating the Salesforce world becomes a fur-tastic experience!

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Codey the bear “believes that you can create absolutely anything with clicks or with code”, bringing excitement to the world of Salesforce Developers! Codey is a very well-known Salesforce character, “inspiring all builders and makers” with his playful, charming, and fearless personality. 

Who wouldn’t want to work with a mascot like Codey the bear? When Codey’s around, you can be sure that work becomes an adventure filled with innovation and a lot of fun!

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This sure-footed goat is the mascot of Salesforce Admins. Just like every Salesforce Admin, she’s always ready to lend a hoof and offer a helping hand! With her approachable and encouraging nature (which goes a long way for user adoption!), she knows how to make the most of our Salesforce experience!

Source: Salesforce

This Trailhead goat is confident in her configuration – she’s got it covered. This trusty mascot is there to ensure a smooth and successful journey, bringing a sense of adventure and fun to the world of all Salesforce Admins!

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Meet Flo, the flying squirrel, who proudly represents Salesforce Flow! Flo is the representative of the technology that brings admins and developers together, uniting them using the same interface. Flo knows the power of teamwork, happily welcoming others in a collaborative way and creating a sense of togetherness in the Salesforce community. 

Flow also offers admins powers that were previously limited to the developer remit – and vice versa. It offers developers a place to collaborate with admins and create composable and reusable configuration that low-code professionals can use. 

With Flo by your side, admins and developers can embrace the Salesforce adventurous spirit and unlock the true potential of Salesforce Flow!

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Appy the Bobcat is here to guide you through the exciting world of Partner ecosystem! This innovative and motivated mascot, Appygail (which is her given name), will lead your way through the AppExchange world.

Source: Salesforce

Fear not, Appy is always here to lend a paw and help you through any challenge that comes your way. With the guidance of this trusty bobcat, you will not get lost. So, let the presence of Appy the bobcat empower you on your Salesforce journey!

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It’s time to meet Ruth, Salesforce elephant – responsible, universal, technical, and humble representative of Salesforce Architects! On your journey to becoming a Solution Architect, you’ll climb what Salesforce calls “T-Ruth Mountain”, which is named after Ruth. 

Join this journey with Ruth the Elephant and embrace your inner architect – with the companionship of this delightful mascot, it’s going to be even more fun!

Source: Salesforce
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Brandy the Fox is your Salesforce Marketing inspiration! This adaptable and analytical mascot is here to reveal her inspiring ideas to all Salesforce Marketers.

If you need the extra brains behind your strategy, use the approachable company of Brandy and every moment of your journey will be truly extraordinary!

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Zig the Zebra, the Salesblazer community mascot! Zig’s here for sales professionals – in line with the release of the Sales Representative certification, this striped mascot came to represent this exciting community!

Zig is hardworking, brave, and strategic. So, don’t wait any longer to personally meet this resilient creature and start your adventurous journey in the world of sales!

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Blaze the Wolf is your trusted trail guide in the world of Customer Success, representing Cloud Services. Just like any wolf, Blaze is a natural leader, who will help you navigate the Salesforce world using her great instincts.

Source: Salesforce

Follow the pawprints of this intuitive but intelligent wolf and let her show you the path to triumph in the Salesforce wilderness! I’m sure she will be your loyal friend in the journey of discovering the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Meet Max the Mule, your integration one-stop-shop! With his bright smile, he’s here to tackle all things MuleSoft. Max is fun-loving, diligent, and resourceful – the perfect companion in your integration adventures. 

With his dedication and superhero-like skills, he’ll help you conquer the challenges!

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Meet Meta the Moose, the Salesforce Engineering Architect, whose nowhere to be seen because he’s too busy with the very essence of his architectural brilliance! 

Don’t worry if you don’t spot him around the office – just know he’s out there, always busy!

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Hootie (McOwlface)

Meet Hootie, the wise owl on a mission to help you spread your wings and reach for the stars in the Salesforce ecosystem! See the owl pop up when it’s time to take your maintenance exams! Hootie McOwlface is the representative of skills and credentials and the embodiment of knowledge himself.

With Hootie by your side, you can learn new skills, earn valuable credentials, and pursue your Salesforce career. He’s always here to guide you through study, so let his wisdom and charm inspire you to chase your Salesforce dreams. Remember, with Hootie by your side, the sky’s the limit!

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Earnie the Badger is one character you’ll see hanging out with the gang – but perhaps you didn’t know his name, or what he represents? Meet Earnie, the Trailblazing Badger – with his curiosity and a passion for learning, Earnie has set her sights on collecting every single badge on Trailhead

With Earnie by your side, you will never stop learning the Salesforce ecosystem! So, join Earnie on this exciting adventure to become the champion of Salesforce knowledge – but remember, only one badge at a time!

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Einstein, the genius himself, represents the Einstein GPT and AI Innovation at Salesforce! With his sharp intellect and nimble thinking, he’s here to revolutionize your Salesforce experience. 

This resident genius and future seeker will help you find innovative solutions using AI – so you too can find your inner genius! 

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Genie the Rabbit is the enchanting representative of Salesforce Data Could! With their kind and helpful nature, the mascot Genie is dedicated to bringing a touch of magic to every customer interaction. 

With their knowledge, enthusiasm and a bag full of tricks, every interaction will be a magical experience. Let Genie guide you through Salesforce Data Cloud, where data becomes the key to success! 

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Lionheart Astro

Have you ever heard of Lionheart Astro? It’s Astro’s cool sibling, who’s all about rocking the world of nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organizations to help them fulfill their incredible social missions!

Source: Salesforce

Lionheart Astro is all about spreading positive energy as they tackle noble causes and sprinkle the Salesforce world with goodness! 

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Say hello to Koa the Dog, your Salesforce best friend! Koa, the Chief Love Officer himself, represents love and longevity – and it’s no surprise since dogs have always been a human’s faithful companion!

Source: Salesforce

This furry Salesforce family member brings fun and friendliness wherever he goes! With Koa by your side, you’ll experience the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and Salesforce success – because who better to guide you than a tail-wagging expert in spreading love and joy?

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Flow Firefly

Remember the question we asked at the beginning of this guide? Are you still curious about the character that appears on Flow-related Trailhead badges? Well, the answer is the firefly!

Although not an official Salesforce mascot, this little creature already lights up the world of Flow – a tool both for admins and developers. So, keep an eye out for that glowing firefly as you explore the world of Flow on Trailhead!

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And here’s SaaSy, the first Salesforce mascot. This charming, social, and rebellious character is here to show you that software can be a whole lot of fun!

Source: Salesforce

SaaSy’s extroverted nature always brings the Salesforce world to life! Do you remember when SaaSy appeared at one of the early Dreamforce events, bringing to life the ‘end of software’ motto – Salesforce’s alternative view (at the time) that enterprise software shouldn’t be on-premise? 

They’re the embodiment of the ’no software’ concept, born from a vision to make software easier to buy and simpler to use!

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Do you remember Chatty? This cheery guy bounded up on stage when Benioff unveiled Salesforce Chatter, alongside Salesforce’s social enterprise vision, back in 2009.

Salesforce Chatter is a great technology. Chatter is fully baked into the Salesforce interface, has a decent set of functionality (polls, feeds, groups), and can be hooked into Salesforce’s automation capabilities like Flow.

Where Chatter faces friction is in terms of roll-out effort; to implement Chatter properly, to reach a point where users will adopt Chatter into their work routines, a business ought to seek help from a specialized consultant. 

Chatter remained largely unchanged for several years, and ‘collaboration’ died out as a buzzword. Slack has ultimately become the collaboration tool that Salesforce are focusing their efforts on. Have you noticed the absence of our old friend Chatty at Salesforce conferences? 

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Salesforce Trailhead characters bring joy and happiness to everyone who encounters them. These adorable mascots turn your learning into pure excitement, symbolizing the joy around the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Each mascot represents a different aspect of Salesforce, from Flow and MuleSoft to the concept of ‘no software’. They’re here to be your trusty companions, leading you through the Salesforce world with a smile on your face. So, admit it – did you know all of these adorable mascots?

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