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Have you heard of the Salesforce NPSP?

The NPSP (NonProfit Success Pack) is a flexible, open data framework that adds pre-built constituent and donor management components to a Salesforce instance. It’s built for non-profits by non-profits, thanks to the community of developers, users and partners actively supporting NPSP.


Not only does make Salesforce products available to non-profits at a reduced price, but with the NPSP organizations can get up and running really quickly. In a Salesforce survey of non-profit organizations using the product they found:

 22% increase in funds raised
 17% increase in constituent retention
 23% increase in constituent engagement
 52% improvement in operational effectiveness
 70% improvement in data quality
 That 91% would recommend Salesforce to other NonProfits

We chose’s Nonprofit Success Pack because of its flexibility and because it’s tailored for non-profit organisations – this made the implementation time much shorter,” says Salvador Martínez Vicent, IT Project Manager at Ayuda en Acción. “This is just the start of a full-scale transformation project for us – we needed a solution that could support that, and found it in Salesforce.

What does the ‘pack’ contain? For instance, it’s an app that covers things from Households, Constituents, Organizations, Relationships, Donations and Fundraising to Volunteering Management, with individuals at its core so you can track all relationships a person can have and their impact all in one place.

See below the data architecture; ‘blue’ are Salesforce CRM standard objects, ‘yellow’ is about fundraising and ‘pink’ is relationships and engagement.

Do not get overwhelmed, Salesforce has created a very easy installation process, loads of documentation to get you through, workbooks and walkthroughs. The other great thing is that as a Salesforce NonProfit customer you have access to the ‘Power of Us Hub’, which is the community empowered by and for users. (Similar to the

The advantage of the pack being in Salesforce is that it comes with all enterprise functionality and that you can customize endlessly to support your own specific processes. Having all this data in one hub means you can take it to the next level, like marketing automation for corporate relations, events management, on-boarding journeys… and of course you can extend all the objects that come in the NonProfit Success Pack itself, from adding attributes to automation, reports etc… endless possibilities!

Do you want to learn more? Have a look at Trailhead where you have modules available on Manage Fundraising & Donations for Nonprofits as well to the full NPSP Documentation.


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