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What’s the Best Way to Learn Salesforce Flow?

By Tim Combridge

There’s no doubt that Salesforce Flow Builder is the most powerful and flexible tool in any Salesforce Administrator’s belt. Salesforce themselves have implemented more enhancements and new features into Salesforce Flow than almost any other feature of the Salesforce platform in recent years. With Workflow Rules and Process Builder being sent riding off into the sunset, there’s no better time than right now to learn and master Salesforce Flow.

Just how do you learn Salesforce Flow? In this article, I’ll explain a number of different methods that I’ve used over the years and have found a lot of value in. Every learner is different, and everyone has their own way of taking in information, so I’ve endeavored to create a holistic list that encompasses all methods of learning.


The obvious contender when it comes to learning Salesforce is their very own super engaging and informative Learning Management System: Trailhead. Trailhead has been around since 2014 and was designed as a way for anyone and everyone to become fluent in all things Salesforce. 

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With a combination of informative theory modules and exciting hands-on activities you can use to test your skills in a free Trailhead Playground environment, your skills are going to develop in leaps and bounds.

Below are some handy Trailhead badges that will help point you in the right direction:

Blog Posts and Articles

If you tend to learn better by reading, blogs and other written content about Salesforce Flow will be your best friend. The Salesforce ecosystem is full of passionate and experience-rich professionals who are more than willing to share their wisdom and solutions to the tricky problems others may come across.

If you’re looking for some great blogs and websites where you can find valuable information and lessons about Salesforce Flow, look no further. I’ve compiled a list of the blogs and websites I have used throughout my career that I got a huge amount of value from. I’ve also been writing for Salesforce Ben for a few years now – check out some of my other posts. (A bit of shameless self-promotion? Don’t mind if I do!)


YouTube is the world’s most popular source of online video content, and Salesforce professionals have been using it for many years as a great way to share their experiences with others. Personally, I quite like learning from YouTube as it allows me to visually see what someone is doing and follow along, as well as pause the video and go back if I need to confirm my understanding.

There are a number of fantastic sources of Salesforce Flow information and lessons on YouTube. I’ve pulled together a list of YouTube channels that have helped me when it comes to Salesforce Flow and other Salesforce content.


Last but not least, there are the fully-fledged courses created by Salesforce professionals who have crafted a path for learners to be able to get all the information they need in a structured and guided manner. The great thing about most Salesforce courses is that they are often multi-modal and have some interactive elements, meaning that no matter how you learn best (video, written content, or hands-on), you’ll likely have an opportunity to follow the course content in a way that benefits you and your learning style.

I’ve both taken a number of courses on the topic of Salesforce Flow. I’ve also been quite heavily involved in the community and received a lot of feedback around the most valuable courses people have taken. This list is a summary of the most beneficial Salesforce Flow courses I’m aware of (not including the Flow Course that I developed – more on that next):

Ultimate Salesforce Flow Foundation Course

Salesforce Flow is a topic that I’m extremely passionate about, and helping others to become masters of the tool is something that brings me immense joy. I’ve been extremely fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to share with many other eager Salesforce Flow learners by writing blog posts over the last few years. I’ve recently expanded this ability to share by building the Ultimate Salesforce Flow Foundation Course.

As I mentioned throughout this article, I know that everyone has their own way of learning. You may be someone who prefers to watch a video of someone running through a solution, or you may prefer to read about Flow concepts and best practices. You may even be someone who likes to consume as much written and visual content as possible and then test your knowledge with a hands-on challenge.

The Ultimate Salesforce Flow Foundation Course has something for everyone and has been designed to give you all the tools, information, concepts, and best practices you’ll need to become fluent in Salesforce Flow.

But don’t just take my word for it! I’ve been lucky enough to receive feedback from some of the students who have taken the course as well:

You’ve read my written content (you’re reading it right now!), but I thought I would share a sneak preview of the kind of videos you can expect within the Ultimate Salesforce Flow Foundation Course as well. This is a two-minute tutorial video on the official Salesforce Migrate to Flow tool and how it works:


Salesforce Flow is the people’s tool – a tool for everyone. It empowers administrators and developers alike to create powerful automations and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces, as well as embed business processes and logic directly into the backend of Salesforce.

We’re incredibly lucky to have such a connected community of Salesforce enthusiasts who want nothing more than to give back to their fellow Trailblazers. Salesforce has led the way with Trailhead and the Trailblazer Community as a valuable resource for knowledge sharing and community engagement, and many professionals have followed in their footsteps.

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Tim Combridge

Tim is the Managing Director at Sensible Giraffe, passionately educating others via high-quality blog content and training courses including the Ultimate Salesforce Flow Foundation Course.

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