Salesforce India Average Salaries – How Can You Find Out?

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Salesforce average salaries are a hot topic, and for good reason! 

There’s no doubt that Salesforce Trailblazers are deserving of their compensation – they carry out a core function that allows organisations to grow with Salesforce.

How much do Salesforce professionals in India earn, and how do you find out?

Take the India Salesforce Salary Survey

Introducing our India Salesforce Salary Survey, in partnership with Dazeworks, a leading Salesforce consulting and implementation company headquartered in India. 

Take the survey now to help build a picture of average salaries in India. 

What we will find out

At, we have been enabling Salesforce Admins, Consultants, Developers and Marketers with salary statistics for a number of years. Our latest Salary Infographic gives insight into the salaries for US & UK professionals across the core Salesforce job titles – but this is the first time we have focused on India. 

We want to find out: 

  • What the average salary is for Junior/Mid-level/Senior Salesforce Admins, Developers, Consultants, Marketers (and more), 
  • Where Salesforce professionals are based and how salaries vary by city, 
  • How many certifications professionals hold, and is this a factor in determining salary? 

Salesforce India Economy: The Facts 

The ‘Salesforce Economy’ in India will continue to be an interesting country to watch. Research from IDC forecasts exciting Salesforce ecosystem growth, both Salesforce as a company, and it’s network of partners and customers. The most recent report published in 2019 estimated that: 

  •  The Salesforce economy in India will generate $8.7bil of revenue in 2020 alone (projected to reach close to $30bil in 2024),
  • 548,000+ new jobs will be created as a direct result in the 6 year period (2019-2024), and an additional 1.3 mil indirectly.   

It’s a good time to take a look at how the job market is shaping up in India! 

Why us? has always had such great support from our readers and contributors based in India – in fact, over 20% of our readers are based there! (21.24% to be exact)

We’re pleased to be joined by Dazeworks in spreading the word about our survey. The Dazeworks team of Salesforce professionals will be valuable in producing the salary guides and other content from the survey data. 

If you would like your quote to be included in future content, then please use the final question of the survey to share your thoughts. 

Take the survey now to help build a picture of average salaries in India.

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