Average Salesforce Salaries 2021 [Infographic]

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Find out the latest data on how your Salesforce salary stacks up compared to others in similar roles in both the UK and USA.

Alongside Mason Frank, SalesforceBen.com publishes the Average Salesforce Salaries infographic annually to give Salesforce professionals an idea about where they sit in the market and what salary they can expect. Data is taken from the Mason Frank Salary Survey 2020-21 (the largest of its kind globally), self-reported salaries from 1000’s Salesforce professionals, spanning a range of job titles, industries, and geographic locations. If you are looking for more insights into salaries for different roles, we provide in-depth guides for…

A note on the data: The salaries are true averages, but most respondents tend to work in larger cities where salaries are higher, which would explain why some would appear inflated. Salaries are rounded to the nearest thousand (up or down) for the sake of convenience.

A breakdown of salaries covering the larger cities is available in the Mason Frank full report if you wish to drill down further, to understand how much the numbers do actually deviate based on location.

17 thoughts on “Average Salesforce Salaries 2021 [Infographic]

      1. That’s economical difference. If you look at them in either pounds or dollars, there’s still a big difference. Perhaps the UK isn’t as invested into SF as the US…

        1. We have other benefits via our social welfare system so we do not need to pay for healthcare, and better work life balance(common in western europe). However, we do pay for univeristy, the monthly costs are very low and it’s taken pre-tax. Majority, of transportion is way cheaper across parts of Europe and costs of living is general cheaper in some parts too. Tons of factors are involved.

    1. Hi PJ, it depends which Architect path you are looking to go down. The ‘System Architect’ path requires PD 1, but not the ‘Application Architect’. We will have a post coming out on this soon, so keep an eye out for that!

  1. Why we can not find many Salesforce Administration or Salesforce architect jobs in India.There appears to be more Salesforce developers and with a salary of not more than USD 30-40k.
    Even when I was in the US, salaries for Admin role did not go beyond USD 60k with many vendors coming in between and rarely the salary reached the consultant

  2. some companies way certs heavy, others look more toward experience. i tend to see experience is more important than a cert. back up your experience with a cert.

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