Breaking News: Salesforce Announce the Genie Platform

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Salesforce Genie, declared the greatest Salesforce innovation in the company’s history, paves the way for highly personalized customer experiences, delivered in real-time. Genie ingests and stores real-time data streams at massive scale, and combines it with Salesforce data.

Despite all the technology around us, for almost all companies, data remains siloed and duplicative. The call-out statistic? Organizations today use 976 separate applications (on average) to run their business. The more applications, the more versions of the same individual will exist. This is the crux of what Salesforce Genie is looking to solve.

We’ve been listening in on the news. Now, we’ll be dissecting this significant innovation, and especially what it means for Salesforce professionals.

Why Genie? To deliver magical customer experiences – in real-time.

  • “Real-time” means that there’s minimal delay in executing a customer’s need (even before they realize they even had a need). Milliseconds matter.
  • Connecting the digital and physical worlds: Garnering insights from signals on websites, advert interactions, IoT (physical devices connected to the internet) – the list goes on. We’ll cover an IoT example that real organizations are using later.
  • As Salesforce Genie spans the whole Salesforce platform (Customer 360), data is collated from all data sources your organization has, and can be used to drive any action, interaction, or insight across sales, service, marketing, commerce, MuleSoft, Tableau and more.

This is especially key for Salesforce Industries. Every industry will pair Salesforce with specific platforms for their industry – think healthcare, for example, with a plethora of patient records, hospital administration, and supply chain systems. Salesforce is not in the game to reinvent these, but rather be able to bring together and utilize data from these systems faster.

In the remainder of this guide, we’ll walk you through:

  • Salesforce Genie vs Salesforce CDP.
  • How Salesforce Genie is built.
  • How Genie is Open and Extensible.
  • Salesforce Genie in Action.

Salesforce Genie vs Salesforce CDP

“Isn’t this what Salesforce CDP does?” I hear you asking. Unifying versions of the same individual across applications, delivering customer experiences based on data sources beyond Salesforce? Yes, you’re right, Genie’s value-sells do describe what a CDP does.

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In fact, Genie shares the purpose and benefits that CDPs deliver – but goes beyond the traditional definition of CDP:

  • Beyond marketing use cases: CDPs are typically targeted at marketers. Genie unifies data for use across all Customer 360 products, and therefore, the plethora of use cases every department will have.
  • Faster: With a zero-data copy architecture, instead of syncing data to records (i.e. duplicating it), Genie can “read” data sources without moving or duplicating data into Salesforce. You could think of this as a new generation of integrations. This speeds up the whole process – after all, milliseconds matter!

Salesforce CDP has been the fastest-growing, organically-grown product Salesforce has ever brought to market.

So, is Salesforce Genie a separate product? Yes, and no. No, because the pricing and licensing of Salesforce Genie is yet to be announced; however, the technology, that’s currently available to purchase, is Salesforce CDP. Yes, because Genie and Salesforce CDP are not the same (there are multiple differences, the greatest if which is the underlying architectures). We’ll now explore the new data infrastructure for the Salesforce platform…

How is Salesforce Genie Built?

Genie ingests and stores real-time data streams at massive scale, and combines it with Salesforce data.

Genie does this through built-in connectors that bring in data from every channel (mobile, web, APIs), legacy data through MuleSoft, and historical data from proprietary data lakes (from the trusted partner ecosystem).

Salesforce Genie is an organically-built technology (i.e. not as a result of an acquisition). While the technical foundations of Genie go as far back as the launch of the Salesforce Platform in 2007, the core pillars it relies on today are:

  • Flow: Genie is built using the Salesforce metadata model which makes everything actionable. Salesforce Genie gets the data input, in real-time, so that Flow can fire faster. Flow is already saving organizations 100 billion hours of work every month that would otherwise be spent manually updating Salesforce record data and more.
  • Einstein: Again, as Genie uses the Salesforce metadata model, it can tap into Einstein for real-time predictions. The Salesforce Einstein engine is making 175 bill predictions per day.
  • Genie: The “hyper-scale data platform” that ingests and stores real-time data streams at massive scale (tapping into data lakes), and combines it with Salesforce data.
  • Hyperforce: Genie runs on Hyperforce, Salesforce’s public cloud infrastructure. Hyperforce provides data residency, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance controls, with built-in data ethics features that govern data and increase consumer trust.

Note: You must use Hyperforce in order to use Salesforce Genie. At the time of writing, Hyperforce is available in 10 regions, increasing to 17 by the end 2022.

Genie is Open and Extensible

The “Genie Collection” on the AppExchange features 18 partners who will integrate with Genie, at the time of launch. Salesforce have forged partnerships with “who’s who” in the data space to expand the power of Genie, including:

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  • Amazon SageMaker: Genie is an open data platform, so you can “bring your own” AI. SageMaker, Amazon’s cloud machine learning platform, can be used directly with Einstein.
  • Privacy-safe first-party advertising integrations: Better advertising activation and insights mean you can deliver more personalized and efficient marketing at scale. Amazon Ads and Meta are two vendors mentioned at this stage.

Salesforce Genie in Action

Genie unifies data for use across all Customer 360 products, and therefore, the plethora of use cases every department will have. Salesforce Genie examples include:

Sales Cloud Genie:

Sales reps can receive real-time guidance from Einstein during customer calls to adapt to the conversation, and receive real-time recommendations to offer customers.

Service Cloud Genie:

Agents in either the contact center or the field can provide proactive service with real-time alerts, intervene, and resolve issues. IoT (devices connected to the internet) has a big play here. For example, you see a fault signal flashing in your car. There would be no need for you to schedule a maintenance appointment – before you know it, the diagnostics have been reviewed, and a resolution reached, or appointment booked on your behalf. Ford and Kia are pioneering maintenance in the automotive industry (and all other customer touch-points).

Marketing Cloud Genie:

Marketers can deliver personalized messages across channels that adapt, in real-time, to customer activity across various brand properties (websites, mobile apps, advertising platforms, etc.)

  • Commerce Cloud Genie: Retailers can build tailored shopping experiences that adapt to real-time customer actions, including abandoned shopping carts or actions taken on a website or mobile app.
  • Tableau Genie: Monitor KPIs in real-time to inform action across the business, including spikes in sales, service, or marketing activity.
  • MuleSoft Genie: Unlock real-time data across any modern or legacy system.
  • Slack Genie: Enable teams to automatically view real-time data from any channel with intelligent workflows.

Learn More About Salesforce Genie

Trailhead Trails will become available to help you upskill, with dedicated trails on all areas of Salesforce Genie (listed above). You will also be able to work towards becoming a Genie Developer.

Support from the Genie vendor ecosystem extends beyond the “best of breed” vendors in the AppExchange’s “Genie Collection”. Salesforce have lined up global SIs (Salesforce consultancies) who have data practises and can support you to maximize Genie in the unique context of your organization.

9 thoughts on “Breaking News: Salesforce Announce the Genie Platform

  1. Is Genie free? Or is it an add on product?
    Is Genie built on Salesforce Kafka? If yes, how do we tap into it or get data out of it?
    Does this mean there will be click not code connectors to Genie?
    If we are charged for it, what is the pricing model? Please don’t make it so confusing like Event platform data. I still have no idea how much that thing costs.

      1. Hyperforce is Salesforce running on AWS. So the power of AWS to spin up new servers/computing models/etc. but the multi tenant architecture of Salesforce. There is a lot of power available there. There are some changes that are mostly around security and how you enable Salesforce to access other systems, but Salesforce is already moving customers over to Hyperforce. Another big advantage is since it is AWS, you have the ability to keep all data on whatever AWS region your Salesforce Org runs on. This means regional data concerns for people doing transactions in foreign countries can be managed better.

        1. Not just AWS, for example, in China Alibaba Cloud. Like you’ve rightfully said, Steven, it’s all about data residency (i.e. the data residing in that country/region) in order to comply with local privacy restrictions. Also the infrastructure’s performance (i.e. how much it can handle what’s pumped through Salesforce).

    1. To answer your question Lyon, the pricing has not been made public yet. My guess is that pricing will work like Einstein – some functionality included in the higher tier licenses, some freemium, others add-on products. NOTE: this is my guess, nothing is confirmed. Let’s wait and see 🙂

  2. We at Chargent (by AppFrontier) are also proud to be part of the Genie Collection with our latest app. Integrate payment transactions, customer balances and other real-time payment data to Salesforce Customer Data Platform.

    Thanks for putting together this great overview of Genie!

  3. Could you elaborate on “Note: You must use Hyperforce in order to use Salesforce Genie. At the time of writing, Hyperforce is available in 10 regions, increasing to 17 by the end 2022.” – does this mean that your Core Org has to be on Hyperforce? I cannot get any confirmation on this from Salesforce.

    1. That’s our understanding, yes – your org has to be using Hyperforce. I am sure Salesforce will clear this up officially soon.

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