Meet Salesforce DMP (Krux)

By Ines Garcia

It’s been around 8 months since Salesforce acquired Krux, and now they are rebranding as: Salesforce DMP.

DMP stands for Data Management Platform, which holds audience and campaign data, a sort of data warehouse taken from all kinds of different information sources.

Krux was initially focused on publishers as they needed to own the data that drove their business, but following the customer centric focus of salesforce it is all around ‘people data’, people are the ones buying items rather than browsers or devices. This allows DMP to be part of an intelligence layer that drives richer and more personalized brand experiences across all channels.

Every month, Salesforce DMP:

  • Interacts with more than 3 billion browsers and devices
  • Supports more than 200 billion data collection events
  • Processes more than 5 billion CRM records
  • Orchestrates more than 200 billion personalized consumer experiences

It is all about customer journeys, marketing is much more than campaigns it counts for every touch point/experience within a brand.

Salesforce DMP empowers marketers to use data to impact every touchpoint along that journey, all being powered with AI. This translates to helping to predict the best audiences to reach out to with ads, know when to follow up on campaigns and how to distribute resources between different media types.

At the end of last month Salesforce announced Salesforce DMP Einstein Segmentation, which allows marketers to use machine learning to discover the multiple distinct personas that exist within their audience. Companies can personalize marketing and reach each key persona with a message that is going to resonate rather than a much general one.

Trailhead have this super cool module on Einstein that covers some Salesforce DMP related concepts.

Learn more about the product here.

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Ines Garcia

Ines Garcia founder of , is an Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Professional (CSP®-SM) and a Salesforce MVP, together helps organisations to become more agile.

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