Salesforce DMP is Crowned Market Leader for Data Management Platforms

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Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) is officially a leader in its space. The news came when Forrester Research released their report that assesses the key players on the DMP market. Salesforce’s acquisition of Krux (the original company) seems to have paid off, even though it’s not even been a year since it became part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite.

Whilst it may seem like another trophy to add to the cabinet for Salesforce, the analysts behind the report had some exceptional praise to share about the platform and it’s unique technology:


“[it] approaches data management differently from other DMPs: Rather than algorithmically deriving insights from aggregated data, Salesforce DMP ingests raw data and applies machine learning to allow insights to bubble up, eliminating the inherent biases that algorithms entail”

Forrester Wave for Data Management Platforms, 2017

In this post, I will cover which other DMPs were evaluated, the assessment method, and the 5 technology and strategy areas Salesforce DMP was especially noted for.

Who was also in the running?

Salesforce DMP was put against 10 other contenders with standalone DMPs that grew their customer base by at least 50% last year – not a low entry barrier! The competition included other big names, such as Adobe, MediaMath, and Oracle.

How do they decide?

The analysts assess all vendors in the running in an unbiased way using 35 defined criteria across the areas of Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence (including client base). Firstly, a scatter graph plots each contender on the strength of their strategy vs. current offering; then, for a score of 0-5 is allocated to each metric for direct comparison between vendors – and the winners announced when the numbers crunched.

Salesforce DMP Specific Strengths

Salesforce often gains the limelight in Forrester Wave reports, across several of its different technical areas it penetrates – which is ever increasing as the platform has ballooned with functionality.

Yet, this is certainly a reason for the Salesforce DMP to celebrate, as the platform was praised for the following, disclosed by their existing customers:

  • Change management
  • Segment: creation & management
  • Data security & leakage prevention
  • User Interface: flexibility and usability
  • Cost

& others

…Wait, what even is a DMP?

Have you ever considered where you would start with aggregating, managing and analysing Big Data? That’s when you look for a Data Management Platform.

DMPs aggregate, manage and analyse not only your customer-generated data (1st-party), eg. via web activity, app usage or social media engagement, but also data from external sources (3rd-party) that certainly provide an enriched, granular view on the customer.

Used primarily to build relationships with customers, DMPs have a significant importance beyond the Marketing team. These platforms will only grow in popularity as they become the new ‘must-have’ enterprise tech accessory, shifting corporate growth strategies from estimated, reactive – to informed, predictive plans.

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