What is Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits? (New Edition!)

By Duncan Chrystal

A new edition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for nonprofit organizations has arrived: Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits. This discounted Marketing Cloud license type also includes predefined email templates and journeys for nonprofit use cases, with much more to come with this package in the future!

So, how could nonprofits use Salesforce Marketing Cloud? What’s different about Marketing Cloud over other digital marketing tools? And finally, is Marketing Cloud right for your nonprofit?

How to Use Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits

If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit organization there are two main reasons why this is an exciting new offering for nonprofits:

  1. Industry-leading Marketing tools, affordable: It provides an affordable way to begin mass marketing to your supporter base using Salesforce’s industry-leading Marketing tools.
  2. Automate Donor Marketing Journeys, fast: provides a quick start to automating selections for common donor journeys such as welcome, conversion and thanks. This saves your team time, to then focus on tailoring your fundraising messaging and delivering top-notch supporter care.

Dynamic variations of thanking for a cash appeal using Marketing Cloud for Nonprofit templates

Why should nonprofits choose Marketing Cloud over other digital marketing tools?

Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is truly unrivalled when it comes to putting your hard-won supporter data to work for marketing.

With the two-way integration between Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM, powerful automation tools (such as its point-and-click journey configuration) and slick dynamic content will give your nonprofit organization potentially phenomenal results.

Source: Marketing and Engagement with Nonprofit Cloud

Real-life example: after migrating to Marketing Cloud, one of our clients increased their fundraising revenue fourfold in under 2 years!

Marketing Cloud covers the breadth and depth that many other tools struggle to match. SFMC is a ‘marketing platform’, with a suite of builders and studios for engaging with your supporters across multiple digital channels: Email Studio, MobileConnect for SMS, Social Studio for social media listening, (and more!)

Alongside Salesforce CRM and connected apps at your disposal, SFMC can even be used to manage direct mailing and telemarketing.

As part of the Salesforce ecosystem, Marketing Cloud constantly benefits from new developments such as Einstein AI, Tableau, Datorama (for analytics) and connectors to access new channels.

Today’s fundraising landscape is tough – SFMC can help you to cut through the noise with tailored messaging to your supporters and prospects, on the right channels, at the right time.

If you are completely new to Salesforce marketing tools you can learn more here: “Ultimate Guide to EVERY Salesforce Product

Is Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits for me?

Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud if your organisation:

  • Is already using the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) with Sales Cloud or Service Cloud and you want to rapidly start marketing to around 10,000+ engaged Contacts.
  • Has a larger supporter base and could benefit from the predefined email templates and journeys to enhance your fundraising efforts. The package can be purchased as an add-on, regardless of Marketing Cloud edition.


Source: Marketing and Engagement with Nonprofit Cloud

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits Pricing

Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits edition pricing at launch starts at £400/€500 per month and is flexible – as you grow your marketing efforts, you can add more contacts, and increase your send allowances.

The standard edition includes Automation Studio to automate segmentation and Journey Builder can also be purchased (as a discounted add-on) with four predefined journeys, such as this welcome journey for new donors:


In the nonprofit space, we know that value for money is crucial. The new Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits edition and package means you can begin to see how Marketing Cloud could work for you – even with a smaller, initial investment. As you come to realize the fundraising benefits SFMC gives, you can scale up your investment in SFMC, and explore more sophisticated features that await you.

Expert Salesforce partners can help to ensure you set off on your Marketing Cloud journey in the right direction and your Salesforce Account Executive (AE) can help you assess these features initially if Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits is right for you. To enquire and to find out more about Salesforce products for nonprofits you can visit the website.

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Duncan Chrystal

Head of Marketing Solutions for, a multi-award winning non-profit Salesforce consultancy.

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