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Salesforce TrailblazerDX 2024: Our List of Must-See Sessions

By Christine Marshall

TrailblazerDX, the event for admins, developers, architects, students, leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between returns on March 6-7 2024. The sessions have now been announced and are available to see here to start planning your agenda!

At the time of writing, there are 310 sessions listed, so I’ve put together my must-see sessions at this year’s event.

Are you not able to go to TrailblazerDX in person? Fear not, as I’ve also compiled my top sessions for everyone, available on demand on Salesforce+.

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Top Sessions for Salesforce Admins

Build Your Own Copilot

“Get hands-on experience configuring Einstein Copilot for your very first AI-powered use case.”

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Check Out Report and Dashboard Recent Features and Roadmap

“The Salesforce report and dashboard team has been busy in recent releases adding more amazing analytics functionality. Join us to hear about recent new features and upcoming roadmap highlights.”

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Automate This! Record-Triggered Flow Patterns

“Join us for an in-person version of Automate This! We’ll discuss and show you how to best design your record-triggered flows.

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Debug and Fix Failed Flows

“When a flow fails, is the issue with the flow itself or something the flow interacts with? Join us to explore flow errors, identify what’s causing them, and figure out fixes.”

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Create a Copilot Action Using a Prompt Builder Template

“Customize Copilot by leveraging the various prompt templates you have available to you within Prompt Builder.

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Top Sessions for Salesforce Developers

Apex: What’s New and What’s Coming

“In this session presented by Salesforce product managers, we’ll take a deep dive into recently released and upcoming features on the Apex roadmap.”

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Deep Dive into LWC Best Practices

“Big changes are coming to the LWC framework to support server-side rendering (SSR), native shadow DOM, and modern browser features. Learn LWC best practices to prepare your components for the future.”

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How to Code with Einstein for Developers

“Join us for a live, interactive demo of prompt engineering, covering setup, troubleshooting, and maximizing the power of Einstein for Developers through iterative and compounding prompts.”

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Build Your First Prompt with Einstein Prompt Builder

“Learn how to construct a prompt from scratch, then invoke it in the context of a typical CRM use case.”

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Learn Best Practices for Developing Einstein Copilot Actions

“Explore how developers can leverage Einstein Copilot by blending LLMs with Salesforce actions. Learn to elevate user experiences with this AI-powered, conversational assistant in your applications.”

Also available on Salesforce+.

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Top Sessions for Salesforce Architects

A Look at What’s Next For Well-Architected

“Changes are coming to the Well-Architected framework. Join the product team to learn what’s next and weigh in on what’s most valuable to you.”

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Architect Effective Roadmaps for Project Success

“Discover how to build diagrams for the right stakeholders to implement an effective Salesforce rollout.”

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Architect’s Overview of Data Cloud Best Practices

Data Cloud brings the capabilities of a data lakehouse architecture to Salesforce. See the product, preview the roadmap, and learn best practices directly from the experts.”

Also available on Salesforce+.

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Architect’s Overview of Salesforce Diagrams

“Diagrams are how architects communicate with stakeholders and keep teams aligned. Join the product team to learn what’s coming to Salesforce diagrams and share your feedback.”

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A Sneak Peek at What’s Next for Decision Guides

Decision guides help architects select the right tool for the right task. Join the product team to learn what’s coming and weigh in on what’s important to you.”

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Sessions for Everyone: Available On-Demand

Can’t attend in person? Here are five awesome sessions that will be available on demand on Salesforce+!

5 Tips for Getting Started with Data Cloud

“Accelerate time to value with five practical tips and takeaways for a successful Data Cloud implementation from use case discovery to data ingestion and modeling, harmonization, and more.”

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Automation: What’s New and What’s Coming

“Join the automation product teams as they share the innovation coming to Flow Builder, Flow Orchestration, RPA, and IDP in the coming months.”

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Every Developer Is an Einstein: The Future of Development

“Join Parker Harris and guests to learn how every developer is an Einstein. See how customers are using CRM + AI + Data + Trust via Einstein 1 to build incredible customer experiences.”

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Code Builder for Admins

“Less code, more awesome. Join us for a rapid tour of how admins will benefit from Salesforce Code Builder.”

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Enrich Your Dynamic Pages with AI

“Learn how to incorporate AI into your user workflows using Einstein Field Generation and Prompt Builder.”

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What session are you most excited about at TrailblazerDX? Let us know in the comments!

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Christine is the Courses Director at Salesforce Ben. She is an 11x certified Salesforce MVP and leads the Bristol Admin User Group.

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