Get Started with a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Career

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A career in Marketing Cloud can be a very rewarding choice – especially with the demand for Marketing Cloud skills predicted to skyrocket over the next year and beyond.

Are you looking to expand your Marketing Cloud credentials? Start with this collection of blog posts written by some of the best thought leaders in the space, who share how they got to where they are today.

1. Things You Should Know When Starting Out With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

“Tricky” is the first word that comes to Kristina’s mind when she thinks about Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The best advice for every SFMC newbie is to have a mentor guiding you through your first implementation.

Especially if you are transitioning from Pardot or a similar marketing automation platform, some aspects may not feel intuitive at first with SFMC – as Kristina says:

“Marketing Cloud has some hidden steps that you need to discover, like small seashells on the bottom of the sea that show the pearl when unlocked.”

Here are the 5 key things she learned every SFMC implementation consists of, to help smoothen your first project:

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2. Guide to 5 Marketing Cloud Roles: Marketing Cloud Specialist, Administrator, Consultant, Developer vs. Architect

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers multiple different career paths related to this marketing automation product. Although there are variations to fit with business requirements on a case-by-case basis, most Marketing Cloud roles fit into one of the 5 categories.

This article takes it a step further, to help you understand in more depth and differentiate between them, including typical responsibilities and what employers look for.

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3. Which Marketing Cloud Certification Should I Pass First?

There are four Marketing Cloud certifications for Salesforce marketing professionals to pass, each tailored to specialists with different role responsibilities and years of experience.

Which Marketing Cloud certification should you take first? Looking at the Marketing Cloud certification pathway, it may seem obvious, but as experienced consultant, Kerry, writes – don’t take it at face value!

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4. 30 Marketing Cloud Interview Questions & Answers

Once you’ve settled on pursuing a career in Marketing Cloud, and potentially have earned the correct certifications, the next step is passing a job interview.

Marketing Cloud is a complex tool that needs knowledge for best practice administration & usage which makes the hiring process for Marketing Cloud professionals a critical job – the right questions need to be asked to identify the right candidates.

Get prepared with these questions and answer:

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5. Marketing Cloud Average Salary Guide

Marketing Cloud average salaries are a hot topic, and for good reason! However, one single figure without context can be misleading – there will be a significant difference in the salaries based on factors such as experience and market demand. This guide aims to explain some of the considerations around salaries:

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6. Train Your Team on Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Free Using Trailhead

One way to accelerate your career is to be well-versed in empowering others on how to use Marketing Cloud. Not only will these skills make you more visible in your organisation, teaching helps solidify your own understanding of a concept. Trailhead appears to be a good option to support your, and your team’s, training on a day-to-day basis.

In this post, Mohamed shares his tips on how to organise a Trailhead training program for Marketing Cloud based on his experience as a consultant:

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That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this round-up of posts on Marketing Cloud careers from thought leaders in the space. What do you want to hear more about? Which direction do you see Marketing Cloud jobs heading in 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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