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Take Swift Action With Enriched Data [In-Depth Overview]

By Andreea Doroftei

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Enrich your Salesforce Account, Contact, and Lead data with accuracy, speed, and ease; ensure verified and up-to-date information, ready for your sales and business development teams to take action and save time.


  • Reliable Contact and Company-specific information.
  • Seamless Salesforce record creation with verified data.
  • Readily available Lightning Web Components for users to leverage in Salesforce.
  • Mobile experience and Chrome extension to maximize productivity.

CRM Data Enrichment is a very popular topic in the Salesforce ecosystem. With so many potential sources of information, how do you know which one is the right fit for your organization?

The main consumers of Salesforce data are users, so it is essential for an enrichment tool to offer a user-friendly experience, as well as data that is always up to par.

PipeLaunch is sure to impress – not only with its reliable data sources (such as LinkedIn and 20+ other sources for that matter), but also by positioning the end user front and center, with the insights they need to progress a deal always available at their fingertips. Regardless of the devices sales (or other) teams will be using, the manual effort required is considerably reduced, improving the overall experience.

This in-depth overview will showcase the main features PipeLaunch offers, ideal use cases, and setup effort, as well as how fast your users can (and will) adopt this new solution.


PipeLaunch offers a wide range of Lightning Web Components (LWCs) to leverage on the Lightning Record Pages, directly available once the Salesforce managed package is installed in either a sandbox or production instance.

We will explore a few of these below, including how easy it is to make them available to users along with other functionalities, which will ensure that PipeLaunch stands out right from the start.

Company Information

When it comes to B2B companies, it is so important to be up to speed with what is happening – both for existing (and future) prospects and customers in your CRM.

While there is always the option to search manually on Google or LinkedIn, PipeLaunch’s Company-related components are here to bring all that information to you via Salesforce Record Pages.

Check out the video below for an example of how information can be updated directly through the LWCs and the LinkedIn integration in a matter of seconds. On top of this, further details such as the technologies used internally and job openings can be fetched and displayed to the user.


You can also find other information through individual components – Company News and Press Releases respectively. It’s up to you how and where these are added, so that users can always be up to date with potential changes across all areas of the company.

Lead and Contact information

We all know that company information is only relevant up to a certain point during the sales cycle, especially if there isn’t a decision maker, or the right people to evaluate the products and reach a potential purchasing decision. This is where PipeLaunch’s Ideal Customer Profile LWC comes into play.

From choosing between how records are created (as Leads or Contacts) to filtering the results displayed from LinkedIn, watch the video below for a hands-on example of how the component works.

Real-time Email Verification

As you might have noticed in the video above, whenever a Lead or Contact is created through the Ideal Customer Profile component, a green mark appears if the email address is correct, meaning that deliverability will be ensured.

This check is completed automatically by PipeLaunch when it comes to record creation, so you’ll know the status of the email address. It can also be triggered on each individual record through the Contact Information LWC, which can be added on a Lead or Contact’s record page.

Even if the Lead or Contact cannot be found on social media, PipeLaunch still allows the email validation to successfully run, as it is designed to work based on the standard Email field on the record.

While it’s very clear that everything is OK if the green mark appears during the email validation, you or your sales team might encounter situations in which the email address is not quite right – hence, the emails won’t go through. Regardless, PipeLaunch will share an explanation of the outcome of the validation.

Know When Changes Happen

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a LinkedIn integration is the tendency for people to update their promotions and job changes on their profile. By leveraging the Contact Information LWC again, you can match the record to a LinkedIn profile either from the suggestions or manually, then update information (such as their profile URL and Job Title) directly on the Salesforce record.

In addition, if you would like to see even more details for the Contact you’re looking at, PipeLaunch has released a feature (currently in Beta) that allows more information from LinkedIn to be displayed within the component.

This provides information pertaining to previous job experience the Contact added to their profile, as well as education or other related social media accounts.

Note: As with other components, you can hit the Refresh button for the most up-to-date information from LinkedIn, including title or job changes.

Chrome Extension

Sales users are likely to spend time on LinkedIn reaching out to different prospects or simply researching companies through Sales Navigator. The PipeLaunch team has made sure that users can easily send the information back into Salesforce with just a couple of clicks through the Chrome extension.

Check out the short video below to see how the extension works when opening it for the first time, connecting to Salesforce and creating an Account from a Company page – all in under a minute.

You’ll have the ability to create not only Accounts, but also Leads or Contacts – all while adhering to the validation rules and mandatory fields from your Salesforce instance. Records can be created directly from the extension with minimum information, but if there are more fields required, the record creation page in the connected Salesforce org can be directly opened from the action under the arrow.

The same behavior applies to Lead and Contacts, and for any validation rule being triggered, users will be notified on screen. Also, if a Lead or Contact is created, but an Account cannot be found for their Company within Salesforce, the PipeLaunch Chrome extension will offer you the option to create the Account as well.

Use Cases

Good, reliable data can be used for a lot of things, so it’s important to note that data will be readily available to sync in Salesforce through PipeLaunch’s components. This prevents users from spending countless hours on LinkedIn or other websites searching for what they need before inputting the data into the CRM.

While there could be as many nuances to the use cases as there are processes in an org, we will now look at how the PipeLaunch mobile experience further improves a sales representative’s day-to-day tasks. Reps will be able to leverage PipeLaunch’s capabilities while on the go, by sending a prospect’s contact information from the Salesforce LWC directly to the mobile app for the call to happen.

Furthermore, activities will automatically be logged against the Salesforce record once the outcome of the call is selected.


Tools that can save precious time during the sales process (right from the start) are bound to have a positive impact on both users and admins. PipeLaunch succeeds in making the user experience smooth and accessible, while ensuring that the right contact and company information is always just a click away!


Based on the number of components mentioned in the AppExchange listing, the PipeLaunch setup and install might seem time consuming – it could not be further from the truth!

Licenses can be managed through the package’s page; PipeLaunch (for users) and PipeLaunch Admin permission sets are available out of the box – the Salesforce Admin just has to assign them.

Once the package is installed and the PipeLaunch Lightning App becomes available, further instructions can be found easily, either under the Quickstart tab, or in the video embedded under the PipeLaunch home tab – make sure you check it out!


The chances are that you will not require further assistance when setting up PipeLaunch in Salesforce or using the Chrome extension, as the installation guide does cover everything, However, you can always reach out to PipeLaunch with any questions or concerns by emailing


PipeLaunch is very transparent when it comes to pricing, and does not require a credit card for signing up for a trial. Depending on the information you need, you can choose between a few different options. Check out their pricing page or get in touch for more details.


PipeLaunch is certainly a tool worth trying out, as verified data is bound to improve your Salesforce users’ processes and overall efficiency. You can pick and choose whichever components and functionality suit your team the most, varying from the on-the-spot email verification to the available job openings a prospective company currently has listed.

Install the AppExchange package either in a sandbox or developer edition to take it for a spin (during the 7-day trial), or reach out to the PipeLaunch team to schedule a custom demo for your specific use cases.

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Andreea Doroftei

Andreea is a Salesforce Technical Instructor at Salesforce Ben. She is an 18x certified Salesforce Professional with a passion for User Experience and Automation. 

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