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Tableau CRM Renamed to CRM Analytics (Plus New Releases)

By Lucy Mazalon

Today marks the start of a new chapter for Salesforce’s analytics product – a fresh name (CRM Analytics), plus industry-tailored innovations, and enhanced insights when sharing via Slack. The main message? Surface AI-powered predictions, and prescriptive recommendations, directly in the flow of work.

CRM Analytics has quite a history! Since Edgespring was acquired in 2013, years of innovation and acquisition has seen it morph from Salesforce Wave, Einstein Analytics, and Tableau CRM – all to deliver what Salesforce customers should expect from an “analytics” cloud (i.e. the technologies, the possibilities).

We built CRM Analytics — a complete, scalable, AI-powered data and analytics platform native to Salesforce [to] enable Salesforce customers across every industry to inject visual and predictive insights and recommendations on the next best action deeply into the flow of work.

– Susan Emerson, Senior Vice President, Global Product Go-to-Market, Salesforce.

Tableau CRM is Now “CRM Analytics”

While this name change may come as a surprise, there’s been a strategy in play to streamline (simplify) Salesforce product suites across the entire platform.

You may remember Salesforce “Easy”? Announced at Dreamforce ‘21, “Easy” was the new word on all Salesforce executives’ lips, as one of the five innovation themes.

This is coming to fruition. In fact, earlier this month Marketing Cloud renamed six of its products – this included a move away from pre-acquisition brand names, such as Pardot and Datorama.

With Tableau CRM and Tableau both in the mix, Salesforce had made it somewhat confusing for people to wrap their heads around the differences (after all, they are significantly different). Luckily, this has been addressed by the announcement today – the new name emphasizes that this analytics is incorporated into the flow of work, in the core CRM (ie. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud).

CRM Analytics + Slack

  • CRM Analytics App for Slack: Puts data at the center of every conversation by integrating directly into an employee’s workflow to make analytics more visible, collaborative, and actionable.
  • Predictions in Slack: Aggregated predictions from Salesforce Reports can be surfaced directly into the Slack workflow, for example, to better analyze deals at risk (shown below), customer churn risk, or invoices at risk.

CRM Analytics “Search Insights”

Use natural language to search from the analytics landing page within CRM Analytics to discover any dashboard, dataset, and next best groupings (related to the search).

CRM Analytics: Industry “Analytics” and “Intelligence”

Leverage out-of-the-box best practices to boost sales and revenue cycles (in short, get value out of CRM Analytics faster).

  • Energy & Utilities Analytics: Provides deeper insights into sales processes, reducing time to quote with guided and actionable next steps built into the Salesforce workflow.
  • Public Sector Analytics: Insight into department efficiency and compliance management with actionable intelligence inside the Salesforce workflow.

Revenue Intelligence (announced February 2022) ​​is set to give teams AI-led insights on deals that have a higher likelihood of conversion, and deeper visibility into how their forecast is changing over time. Salesforce will introduce industry-tailored versions in the Summer ‘22 release:

  • Financial Services Intelligence for Financial Services Cloud: A complete intelligence platform for wealth, banking, and finance with pre-built industry KPIs and best practices.
  • Consumer Goods Intelligence for Consumer Goods Cloud: Delivers relevant descriptive and predictive analytics (BI+AI) powered by Einstein Discovery for strategic, operational, and tactical insights.
  • Communications Intelligence for Communications Cloud: Provides AI-powered advanced analytics for Communications Service Providers.
  • Manufacturing Intelligence for Manufacturing Cloud: Understand account profiles and build a unified view of their value chain with 50+ out-of-the-box metrics (shown below).
Manufacturing Intelligence for Manufacturing Cloud

Find the full press release from Salesforce here.

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Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.


    Darrell DeVeaux
    April 14, 2022 1:49 am
    Just last week I was saying to our Salesforce Partner Technical Meetup Consultant that I didn't quite understand what "Tableau CRM" was esp given that I wasn't interest in a CRM product for our application. I was also a long ago Tableau (6.0) user so understood the product but didn't get how I use some of that in Salesforce. Glad they are streamlining some of this! Oh and Einstein....

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