New Product Alert: Salesforce Loyalty Management

By Ben McCarthy

As a company, Salesforce has always been focussed on providing products that help their customers better serve their own customers. Or as they put it in their own words “We Bring Companies and Customer Together”.

Today, Salesforce have gone a step further to help businesses engage and reward customers, by launching Salesforce Loyalty Management. Built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, Loyalty Management will allow companies to build intelligent loyalty programs for both B2B & B2C customers with a flexible, configurable, and quickly deployable solution.

Salesforce Loyalty Management

Loyal customers are the best customers, and with Salesforce now providing this functionality directly on the Customer 360 platform, this gives businesses a huge opportunity to reward their customers. Especially after such a turbulent year.

The fact that the Loyalty Management product is built on the Salesforce platform, means that it can seamlessly integrate with CRM data, and be used with other products such as Marketing Cloud, and Tableau.

Here’s what we know so far…

  • In true Salesforce fashion, Loyalty Management programs will be configured by using clicks, not code
  • Loyalty management is integrated with Salesforce Digital 360, Service Cloud & Tableau
  • You will be able to build a variety of different types of loyalty programs, including tiered membership programs, or points per purchase.
  • Loyalty programs can be segmented by local markets to provide a unique experience.
  • As Loyalty Management is built on Salesforce customer 360, customers can sign up through the Experience Cloud, and be sent content through the Marketing Cloud. You will be able to integrate external systems to pull in, for example, purchase history.
  • Solutions provided from the AppExchange will work in tandem with Loyalty Management.
  • Tableau CRM can be used with Loyalty Management to measure program performance, member acquisition, and engagement.
  • Loyalty Management will be generally available in February 2021.
  • Find out more information and sign up for updates here.

Final Thoughts

Although this announcement has come out of nowhere, the product seems to be a no brainer for Salesforce. As eCommerce has empowered consumers more than ever, companies need to fight hard for their customers, and loyalty programs are an easy way to reward customers for being loyal.

The fact that this product is clicks no code, and is seamlessly integrated to existing Salesforce products is very exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing customer stories!

The Author

Ben McCarthy

Ben is the Founder of Salesforce Ben. He also works as a Non-Exec Director & Advisor for various companies within the Salesforce Ecosystem.

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