Most Wanted Salesforce Features – What’s Coming up on the Roadmap?

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You may have heard about the Salesforce IdeaExchange? It’s the platform that allows the Salesforce community to directly upvote which features they want to see as part of the Salesforce product. Involving customers in influencing the product roadmap has been a core belief of Salesforce’s since they were founded – what better way to develop products customers crave?

The IdeaExchange (released in 2006) was starting to show some flaws. IdeaExchange Prioritization was born! This new system takes the user wish list and marries it up with reality – how Salesforce product development actually happens and taking complexity into account.

The Idea Lifecycle

There are two sides to the Idea Lifecycle:

  • Ongoing: anyone can submit ideas they think of to the IdeaExchange. Anyone can upvote these.
  • Prioritization Cycle: the product managers create a prioritization list from the most-upvoted ideas 3 times a year. Everyone spends their allocated ‘coins’ on the ideas, those that get the most votes go on the product roadmap!

The Prioritisation List, therefore, is the most wanted Salesforce features (that are also realistic for Salesforce to deliver). It’s a great feedback loop that means customers get heard, but aren’t left in the dark on why popular ideas aren’t up for the roadmap development.

What’s Coming up on the Roadmap? (Winners April 2020)

The most recent Prioritization Cycle winners were announced April 15th, 2020. Here’s what’s coming up on the roadmap and when:

Lightning Platform: Address Field Type

“Add a standard field type: Address”

When? est. release: Winter ’22 (around October 2021)

Idea Details

Idea age: 12 years

Points retired: 67,730 (6,819 votes)

  • Admins can add ‘address’ as a custom field on standard and custom objects.
  • The ‘address’ field type already exists but Admins can’t create them – this will open that up.
  • Will prevent unnecessary workaround Admins have been inventive with for years.

Lightning Platform: Metadata for Declarative Change Management

“Expanded Metadata support for Declarative Change Management” – including metadata associated with standard objects.

When? est. release: Summer ’21 (around May 2021)

Idea Details

Idea age: 10 years

Points retired: 26,590 (2,667 votes)

Wow, this seems like a sore topic, so it’s great this is in development now! Here’s a flavour of the pain points that Salesforce will be working to solve:

  • “It is frustrating that we need to replicate all picklist changes on standard objects when deploying from sandbox to live as Change Sets do not support standard objects.”
  • Other items that can’t be added include eg. profiles, changes to standard fields, changes to field security,
  • Other limitations in auditing changes, eg. multiple changes across pagination, no date columns like created or modified.

Ps. the Idea thread is worth a read, some…colourful…comments that shed light on how necessary this enhancement will be.

Lightning Platform: Declarative Release Management

“Improved Declarative Change and Release Management” – cloning Change Sets (and possibly more)

When? est. release: Summer ’21 (around May 2021)

Idea Details

Idea age: 9 years

Points retired: 19,650 (1,973 votes/17 merged ideas)

Yes, 17 merged ideas. The community has been clamouring for this for a long time!

  • The ability to clone an Inbound Change Set to subsequently use as an Outbound Change Set.
  • This would mean you can ‘relay’ Change Sets upstream (eg. from sandbox (development) → sandbox (UAT) → production) or downstream (the other way).
  • In a nutshell: consistent migration of changes across environments.

The full details are yet to be confirmed on what this enhancement will include. Salesforce are still collecting feedback on this topic, so don’t delay in sharing your thoughts using this survey (see the idea thread for the most up to date information).

Service Cloud: Email-to-Case

“Prevent Email-to-Case from creating multiple cases on the same email thread” – an end to ‘backend mayhem’ and the ‘infinite email loop’.

When? est. release: Winter ’21 (around October 2020)

Idea Details

Idea age: 10 years

Points retired: 7,050 (709 votes)

  • Will avoid creating duplicate Cases when recipients Reply-All to the first email.
  • The solution will use email headers more intelligently to identify Email-to-Case emails one the same thread as one.
  • Will prevent the ‘infinite email loop’ that’s caused headaches in orgs for years (email goes from Salesforce to a customer email address → customer replies with cc email address → generates a new email activity in Salesforce → generates a new case from the email in Salesforce)

The Prioritization Cycle Leaderboard

We heard about the winners, what about the runners-up? The leaderboard (below) shows us which features missed the mark with the coin voting. These ideas (and more) will join the next cycle, which begins May 18th, 2020.

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    Particularly looking forward to Address field types and more useful changes sets!! Exciting stuff. Great post, Lucy!

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    Some really useful stuff on here! Frustrating that they’ve all been floating around as pain points for a minimum of 9 years though

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