What’s Next After Trailhead Ranger?

By Lucy Mazalon

Trailhead is based on gamification; users achieve badges (etc.) in order to level up through the ranks, with “Ranger” being the highest… until now. For every 100 badges you achieve past 100 (Ranger), you can progress up through the Ranger “Star” ranks. Trailblazers will no longer “hit the ceiling” after 100 badges.

You may have heard the announcement earlier this year at TrailblazerDX, or you may have seen unusual rank badges popping up in your Twitter feed — safe to say that the Salesforce community are excited for this announcement, with many Trailhead fans automatically qualifying for these Ranger Star ranks.

What is a Trailhead Ranger?

Ranger is the highest Trailhead rank, which has now become a collection of ranks, ranging from “Ranger” (100 badges) through to All Star Ranger (600)*. This has become generally available, as part of the Winter ‘23 release.

*Note: Ranks are based on points as well as the number of badges. If you answer quiz questions incorrectly, or complete challenges incorrectly, you will receive fewer points with each attempt you make.

Becoming a Trailhead Ranger requires time and effort, especially if you are using Trailhead to learn for a purpose (as opposed to “just completing the easy badges”). The Ranger Star ranks give Trailblazers a way to demonstrate their knowledge and dedication.

Here’s a breakdown of the Ranger Star ranks:

  • Double Star Ranger: 200+ badges (100k+ points)
  • Triple Star Ranger: 300+ badges (150k+ points)
  • Four Star Ranger: 400+ badges (200k+ points)
  • Five Star Ranger: 500+ badges (250k+ points)
  • All Star Ranger: 600+ badges (300k+ points)

The full list of Trailhead ranks can be found here.

As the Trailhead platform expands with more badges, these Ranger Star ranks are so important for ensuring that Trailblazers can showcase their progression as they continue learning.


Do you have a surprise awaiting you on Trailhead? If you’ve been a long-time Trailhead fan, you could already qualify as a Star Ranger.

However, learn responsibly. Unfortunately, the “Ranger” status has become diluted by those who aim to “just complete the easy badges”. The point of Trailhead is to learn for a purpose – to become better at your job, and learn about new releases. It requires time and dedication, and should not be a box-ticking exercise. I doubt anyone has received job offers from just being a Trailhead Ranger.

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    Matthew Kelly
    September 16, 2022 6:30 pm
    Should be able to buy sew-on patches for Ranger Star Ranks. That would be great.

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