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A Newbie’s Guide to a Salesforce Community Event

By Fernanda Barbosu

Picture this: you’re a new member of the SFBen team, with just a few months of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem under your belt, and you’re about to dive head-first into the largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals in Europe, London’s Calling

Well, as the new Social Media Manager at SFBen, this was my reality. A cocktail of anticipation, excitement, and a dose of what have I got myself into? Here’s my experience, I hope it helps any other newcomers tackle their first event…

Planning (Not Just For World Domination)

Let’s be clear; winging it might work for superheroes, but when it comes to a Salesforce event, having a game plan is your secret weapon. 

Before the event, we paired newcomers (like me) with seasoned team members to facilitate learning and engagement. Connecting with people on LinkedIn before the event was very helpful. It was great to see some familiar faces there. 

The event schedule was my best friend, as I picked out sessions that appealed to my interests and planned to capture some memorable moments in between. Being at an event like this is a lot like visiting an amusement park; you must strategize in advance to make the most of it.

Lessons (The Fun Kind)

On the day, I was like a kid in a candy store – there was so much going on and countless sessions to choose from. My highlights included Christine Marshall‘s session, ’10 Ways to Future Proof Your Salesforce Career’ (an insightful cheat sheet for ensuring future success) and Beth Clements’ productivity session, which was my wake-up call to slay the procrastination dragon!

As for the more technical sessions, well, let’s just say I nodded along and laughed when everyone else did – I’m still new to the ecosystem after all. And hey, nobody suspected a thing! “Remember, fake it till you make it!” – me, during every technical session.

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The Good, the Fun, and the Unforgettable

During the hustle and bustle of London’s Calling, some moments stood out. Our video series was definitely a highlight. We asked attendees to describe generative AI in a single word, and their responses were both insightful and amusing, with a sprinkle of thought-provoking in there too. It was fun to see folks tap dance mentally while they came up with an answer.

Another standout experience was the Demo Jam – imagine speed dating, but with Salesforce apps! Intriguing, right?

But let’s not forget the importance of some good ol’ downtime. I got to enjoy the surprisingly tasty food and unwind at the after-party. Trust me, the Salesforce crowd knows how to have a good time when the work is done.

And finally, meeting the SFBen team in person. Seeing the faces behind the emails and the blog posts was really something. They’re as cool in person as they are online, I can tell you that.

Between all the networking, the content creation, and the back-and-forth between sessions, the day was pretty full-on. It felt like a relay race I’d been dropped into, but the interactions made it all worth it. I mean, who’d have thought a Salesforce event could be such a rollercoaster? Not me, but I’m glad I hopped on!

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Final Thoughts

If Salesforce were a kingdom, London’s Calling would be a royal ball everyone looks forward to attending. The event was the perfect mix of learning, networking, and good fun. The vibe was electrifying, with professionals who were ready to engage, share, and above all, make a newbie feel welcome.

So, if you’re a newcomer, take my word for it… Salesforce community events are your passport to a world of learning and new connections. 

To wrap up: go to a Salesforce community event, get to know some new faces, and always remember to have fun because, at the end of the day, Salesforce is not just about technology, it’s about the people.

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The Author

Fernanda Barbosu

Fernanda is the Social Media Manager at Salesforce Ben.

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