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Which Salesforce Apps Are Best for Your Nonprofit?

By Adam Weinger

When it comes to engaging supporters, nonprofits have to stay on top of the best practices. That means investing in comprehensive technology that speeds up processes and ensures that no opportunities are missed. If you’ve invested in Salesforce, your nonprofit has already taken a major step toward efficiency.

One of the main reasons Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM is its customizability. Even if you’re new to the Salesforce space, there are several integrable apps that can grow your audience, increase your revenue, and boost efficiency. However, with many options, it can be difficult to choose the best solutions for your nonprofit. To help, we’ve compiled a list that covers many of the top-ranking options for organizations.

Check into these Salesforce-integrable apps designed for nonprofits:

  1. 360MatchPro – Matching Gifts
  2. DonorSearch 360io – Prospect Research
  3. Salsa Engage – Fundraising Support
  4. iATS Payments – Payment Processing

Integrating apps with your CRM can make a powerful difference for your nonprofit, but you’ll need to pick the right options. Ready to learn more about the top nonprofit Salesforce apps? Let’s dive in!

1.  360MatchPro – Matching Gifts

Salesforce Integration Overview

Corporate giving programs—specifically matching gifts—are a powerful source of revenue for nonprofits. Plus, they’re a great donor retention strategy! 360MatchPro by Double the Donation enables your nonprofit to pinpoint these opportunities.

Matching gifts are invaluable to nonprofits of all sizes. However, most organizations and supporters don’t realize the potential these revenue channels hold. 360MatchPro solves this issue by automating matching gift communications to eligible donors found in your Salesforce CRM.

Key Features of this App

By combining the speed of marketing automation with the power of matching gifts, you’ll boost revenue and grow support in no time. Aside from identifying matching gifts eligible donors,  some of 360MatchPro’s most useful features include:

  • Customizable messages. Automated communication doesn’t have to be impersonal. Customize your emails so that match-eligible supporters receive more personalized messages using details pulled from the donor profiles in your Salesforce CRM.
  • Automated plans for acquiring matching gift revenue. After identifying match-eligible donors, 360MatchPro will create and implement an automated plan for outreach.
  • Reporting and analysis features. Stay updated on where your donors are in the matching gift process so that you can accurately predict incoming revenue.

Human error is inevitable when handling high amounts of data. Using 360MatchPro’s Salesforce app, you won’t overlook any matching gift opportunities!

2.  DonorSearch 360io – Prospect Research

Salesforce Integration Overview

To better understand your supporters, your nonprofit needs to conduct prospect research. Learn more about this retention strategy here. However, this is difficult to do manually. Instead, invest in dedicated software to do the work for you.

With the app DonorSearch 360io, your nonprofit will identify new prospects while also growing relationships with current supporters. Specifically, you’ll pinpoint major gift opportunities through comprehensive wealth screening after directly integrating with Salesforce.

Key Features of this App

While this platform can stand on its own, the Salesforce integration takes it to a whole new level. After taking information directly from your CRM, it helps you leverage data gathered during prospect research. Here are a few of its notable features:

  • Automatic donor screening. As soon as new donors are entered into your Salesforce CRM, an automated philanthropic screening will occur.
  • Profile generation. Get a 360-degree view of who your donors are with prospect profiles. Just click the DonorSearch button on your Salesforce platform.
  • Custom tasks. Automate follow-up emails, continue your research, and so on. That way, you create an actionable plan for engaging donors.

With 20+ data fields in each development report, this Salesforce integration will help you establish a better understanding of your supporters. Use this data to segment your audience and provide more specific, targeted communications. After all, personalized donor experiences lead to higher retention rates.

3.  Salsa Engage – Fundraising Support

Salesforce Integration Overview

Salsa Labs offers a robust set of fundraising tools for nonprofits. While it can’t be directly installed into your CRM, it does fully integrate with Salesforce.

With Salsa Engage, your organization can expand its fundraising efforts and engage supporters in intuitive ways. Also, you won’t have to worry about investing in separate apps for marketing and advocacy either!

Key Features of this App

Salsa Engage will help enhance your fundraising strategy, effectively grabbing supporters’ attention. Use the following features to your advantage:

  • Marketing automation. Using contact information stored in your Salesforce CRM, create email and social media templates. Then, trigger them to encourage campaign participation.
  • Customizable fundraising and donation forms. Customize all your forms with your nonprofit’s colors, fonts, and logos.

Digital fundraising is a key part of the donor engagement process. Your nonprofit can rest assured knowing that all fundraising data collected is flowing directly into your Salesforce database.

4.  iATS Payments – Payment Processing

Salesforce Integration Overview

All the work you put into producing revenue will go to waste without a way to process donations. Going to a third-party app to process payments can turn away donors. Instead, invest in a comprehensive nonprofit payment processing system like Brickwork by iATS Payments.

This Salesforce app is designed to easily collect donations. Log, track, and manage donor data that’s instantly transferred into your CRM. Remember, accepting donations is a vital part of achieving your nonprofit’s mission. Ensure you can quickly receive this funding.

Key Features of this App

In addition to quick payment processing, this Salesforce integration offers a handful of other useful features:

  • Donor data integration. Securely capture donor payment information and automatically store relevant data in your Salesforce CRM.
  • Secure data storage. With a Level 1 security certification with the Payment Card Industry, donors will feel at ease when giving to your nonprofit.
  • Custom donation pages. Brand your online donation forms to flow seamlessly on your website.

Because Brickwork works strictly with nonprofits, you’ll receive the most comprehensive payment support for your organization. Invest in this Salesforce app to receive the payment processing tools and expert support your nonprofit needs.


Leveraging the Salesforce AppExchange can make a powerful difference in your organization. However, with countless apps available, it can be impossible to make the right decision. When expanding your tech toolkit, consider a few (if not all) of the above options.

As always, base your decision on your organization’s unique needs. Do considerable research before investing, and set your nonprofit up for success!

The Author

Adam Weinger

Adam Weinger is the President of Double the Donation, the leading provider of tools to nonprofits to help them raise more money.


    Dale Kirkwood
    February 03, 2020 7:40 am
    Hey Ben, I think a great one for your list would be Resco. Because part of our product offering is Offline for Salesforce we naturally have a load of non-profit customers and we even give free licenses and discounts to non-profits :-D.

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