5 Best Ways to Leverage the Salesforce AppExchange

By Thai Nguyen

Have you ever used the Salesforce AppExchange? Even if you’re brand new to Salesforce, it’s easy to start using the AppExchange to discover add-on apps and features to enhance your Salesforce native functionality to make it work even better for your specific company needs. Here are 5 of the best ways you can leverage the Salesforce AppExchange to become more efficient and help your Users have a better experience.

AppExchange Solutions

Understanding what Solutions are is step one to successfully leveraging the AppExchange. Solutions, commonly seen as downloadable apps, are components that allow you to use Salesforce beyond its native functionality. Whether you have a large enterprise or a small business, the AppExchange has something for you. The marketplace itself is very easy to navigate with search options like filtering apps by Salesforce Product Collections or Industry Collections. Product Collections lets you search for apps based on Salesforce product, like Sales or Service Cloud. Industry Collections lets you pick through categories like Nonprofits and Retail to find the best-rated apps from other companies in your industry. The apps are offered as paid or free versions, but be careful with the “free” versions: Many of them have very limited functionality meaning you to have to pay at the end anyway.

Utilize AppExchange Resources

Salesforce features are intimidating when you’re new. However, the Salesforce Community is full of helpful resources for all aspects of Salesforce like free E-books and slide decks, which can also help you become an AppExchange expert. You can find tips from Salesforce AppExchange experts to learn how to maximize AppExchange value and even read customer success stories to see how the AppExchange helped other companies reach their various goals.

Try Out the AppExchange Trailhead

If you haven’t used Salesforce Trailhead yet, you’re missing out on one of the Salesforce’s most useful resource. Trailhead has various interactive “trails” that guide you through how to use Salesforce functions. Unsurprisingly, there is a trail about AppExchange Basics! First, you learn about the AppExchange itself including what kind of solutions are available and pricing. Next, the trail teaches you how to best navigate through the AppExchange with tips on how to incorporate the AppExchange into your Salesforce strategy. The final unit is all about installing AppExchange packages, or how to put your new app into your own org. Checking out this trailhead is a great place to get started so you can leverage the AppExchange today.

Test Drive Your App First

A great feature that comes along with most apps in the AppExchange is the chance to try a demo of the app in your actual Salesforce org before having to purchase it. To see how it works, feel free to try it with our own Inspire Planner Salesforce-native project management app, which you can find here. You can download a trial version into one of your Sandboxes, login as a User, and test the app to get a feel for how it would work. This is very beneficial because it lets you see how the app works with your existing unique Salesforce functionality. You can have your employees or other Users test the app in the Sandbox too! Having your actual Users test the app before you buy it saves you from spending a lot of money on an app that runs the risk of not being used. Before purchasing an app, always download a trial version and test it out so that you are certain that the app will help your business.

The AppExchange Has More Than Just Apps

Despite its name, the AppExchange contains many components or resources that go beyond apps, like Consulting services. You can explore a variety of sources who can help you use your Salesforce through customizations or business expertise. You can filter the consultants by highest rated, top partners, language, region, and more. You can also use the AppExchange to find ways to stay updated on new, highly rated apps and app-related events that may be occurring near you. You can sign up for AppExchange Demo Jams webinars to learn about new apps each month and find information related to a variety of events, like Salesforce World Tour.

The AppExchange is both a great spot to find Salesforce enhancing apps but also other resources as well. We hope this article helped you understand some of the best ways of how to leverage the AppExchange and to make Salesforce work even better for your organization.

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