What Is The Pipeline Cloud?

By Lucy Mazalon

The Pipeline Cloud is a set of technologies and processes that B2B companies need to generate pipeline in the modern era. It’s a new product offering from Qualified, the #1 pipeline generation platform for Salesforce users.

You would have seen Qualified before if you’re a regular reader of The DRIP and no doubt elsewhere in the online Salesforce community.

When you pause to think about it, there isn’t a specific Salesforce “cloud” responsible for pipeline generation. This has left modern revenue leaders continuously searching for a pipeline generation solution that not only leverages their Salesforce CRM data, but uses it to create a relevant buying experience for their most valuable prospects.

To achieve this, sales leaders are constantly investing and reevaluating their tech stacks to enable virtual selling and analytics. This era has created a new center in the marketing and sales diagram: Revenue Operations (RevOps).

What is The Pipeline Cloud?

The Pipeline Cloud is a set of technologies and processes that B2B companies need to generate pipeline in the modern era. Qualified recognizes that B2B buyer behavior has evolved. Digital buying and selling will soon become the norm, and those without effective strategies to reach the modern, digital buyer will be left behind. By uncovering the digital body language of this new breed of buyers, Qualified helps sales teams engage their most valuable website visitors to intelligently drive pipeline growth.

By connecting your website to Salesforce, The Pipeline Cloud can::

How The Pipeline Cloud Works

1. Connects Your Website and Salesforce

Your website is your single most valuable sales and marketing asset. It’s the digital storefront of your business. You spend time and money driving buyers to your website, but what happens when they arrive? Historically, the website has been a black box for go-to-market teams.

Salesforce is your source of truth. With these two systems working together, you know who your website visitors are, the companies they work for, and all of the associated data from Salesforce.

An intelligent website is the foundation of The Pipeline Cloud.

2. Gathers Signals of Buying Intent

First-party and third-party data reveal the intentions of your buyers and website traffic.

  • First-party data: data collected directly from a prospect or audience via interactions on owned channels or properties, e.g. time spent on the website, visit frequency, content downloads, and other high-intent actions.
  • Third-party data: data that is collected by organizations that do not directly interact with buyers or the business data consumer, e.g. Google keyword search.

First-party intelligence products, like Qualified’s own Signals product, looks at the digital body language of your website visitors in real-time to paint a picture of their buyer intent. This buyer intent data informs your sales team what accounts are ready to buy and when to strike.

Additional third-party technologies exist to help you understand what buyers are doing across the web, like account-based marketing platforms that reveal keyword searches, Google searches, and more. This type of third-party data can help your RevOps team paint a picture of your buyer and the research they’re performing.

This data collection helps you understand buying intent when your buyers aren’t on your website – and when they do make it onto your site, you can leverage first-party data to see their engagement and how they are spending their time.

3. Run Personalized, Targeted Ads

ABM platforms use first- and third-party data to serve ads based on buying intent, creating contextualized, personalized ads that buyers see across digital channels.

Direct your ad content, placement, and delivery towards the accounts with the highest likelihood to buy.

4. Tailored, Timely Sales Outreach

Sales engagement tools enable sellers to intelligently manage workflows, glean actionable insights, and deploy custom, personalized communication to buyers.

Reps can orchestrate an engaging buyer journey across emails, phone calls, and social media, using positive intent data as a foundation.

The activities of The Pipeline Cloud motion are architected to drive buyers to your website, where your reps can facilitate real-time sales conversations. This is the heart of the Pipeline Cloud as it allows for instant conversions on your website when buyer interest is most piqued.

We know that buyers now expect everything on demand. What is more important than teeing up ready-to-buy buyers with a salesperson at the right place (your website) at the right time (when they want to)?


The Pipeline Cloud is the new-school form of pipeline generation. Powered by cross-functional collaboration and execution, the Pipeline Cloud n is underpinned by a connected website to bolster intent data, create opportunities to serve ads, and drives timely, personalized sales engagement.

This all culminates in the perfect moment of conversion with real-time sales conversations right on your website.

To discover more about The Pipeline Cloud, dive into the free ebook “Welcome to the Pipeline Cloud”:

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