Trailhead Superbadges – What Are They & How Can They Help?

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Salesforce as an ecosystem has always provided a community that helps you learn and grow. Part of that community is the Trailhead platform. If you have not already heard about Trailhead, this is the gamification platform that Salesforce provides for all of its users (Sales, Support, Admins, Devs, etc.) to learn how to best use the platform and its surrounding ecosystem.

In the last few years, Salesforce has been growing the trails, modules, and topics on the Trailhead site at an exponential rate. Another thing that they have been introducing more of and putting more importance on is the Superbadge. While a trail and module might make sense to you out of the gate, you may be scratching your head as to what is a Superbadge? Well, keep reading to find out!

What is a Superbadge?

As noted on the Trailhead site “Superbadges [are a way to] prove that you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to solve complex real-world business problems.” A Superbadge isn’t just a hyped up Trail or Module. Rather it is a full-on real-world business scenario with all the relevant business context that you would need to build a real-world Salesforce solution. Superbadges are aimed at providing you the chance to flex your muscles and show what you have learned through the modules against a scenario that you might otherwise see in the workplace. Think of a Superbadge as an on-the-job internship in disguise.

How do I get a Superbadge?

Well, depending on your level of knowledge with Salesforce and the time spent on Trailhead, you may already be eligible to take your first one! All Superbadges require you to complete four modules. Those modules provide the foundation of the material that will be examined during the Superbadge. Of course, depending on the Superbadge, you may feel other modules may be helpful to complete before diving in.

Upon completion of the four modules, the Superbadge will unlock and you can begin. You will be provided with a list of instructions on how to complete the Superbadge, as well as, any necessary business information. It is important to keep in mind, that unlike many modules (especially Projects), Superbadges do not give you the step by step instructions necessary to complete the process. Rather, they provide you with the business scenario and issues that are looking to be solved and you must understand the intricacies of the part of Salesforce the Superbadge is testing in order to complete it. Keep in mind most Superbadges take somewhere between 8 and 14 hours to complete depending on the topic.

Why do I need a Superbadge?

Now that you know what a Superbadge is, you may be wondering what’s in it for me or is it worth the time? First and foremost, YES it is worth the time! These badges can act as a precursor for hiring managers to understand what your level of understanding and knowledge is, as well as, your skill set. Superbadges can easily be added to your LinkedIn or you can include them on your resume as a skill-boosting shot over other candidates.

Besides the benefits you can get from a hiring perspective, Superbadges are required now for at least the Platform Developer II exam. I would not be surprised to see more of the required for exams in the future as it gives Salesforce a means to test your skills beyond a multiple choice exam. Lastly, if you are a Partner or work for a Partner, Superbadges help your team earn extra points. The reasoning behind this is the same note I have been singing this whole article, they show folks that you have the skills you say you claim to have and it is always nice to show that the proof is in the pudding.

So to summarize what I have said above; Superbadges are apart of the Trailhead site. They allow you to test your skills and ensure that you have a true understanding of the material you have been learning/studying throughout the rest of Trailhead or while working. They also enable you to demonstrate to possible clients, hiring managers, or your friends that you have a skill set that that Superbadge tests. Lastly, while they are time-consuming you are bound to reap the benefits in the end.

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