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Salesforce WebAssessor: 7 Tips to Book Your Certification Exam

By Lucy Mazalon

WebAssessor is the portal where you schedule Salesforce certification exams.

This guide is not a step-by-step guide to booking your Salesforce exam, neither will it be about studying for certifications (which you can find in our Certification Guides collection). Instead, we’ll share the tips you should know when first starting out on your Salesforce certification journey. 

1. Book Your Salesforce Exam!

“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Charles Dickens

It’s all too easy to procrastinate about taking your Salesforce certification. Time is the most valuable commodity to a professional, and delaying booking your exam will only trick you into “moving the goalposts”. With so many opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem, procrastination could put a dent in your progress. 

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Personally, when I’ve decided on taking a certification, I schedule the date as I start studying. Even with the knowledge that I can move the date, it forms the basis of my study schedule. Some people (like myself) work best under pressure – it’s the kick I need to prepare myself in time!   

If for any reason you need to reschedule or cancel your exam, it’s important to note that a fee may be charged if you do this within 24 hours of an online exam or within 72 hours of a testing center exam.

To book your Salesforce certification exam, you’ll need to log in to WebAssessor at If this is your first time using WebAssessor, you’ll need to create a test taker profile in WebAssessor. You can do this by clicking on “Create a new WebAssessor™ login now”.

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2. Prerequesites

Before you get committed to studying for a certification exam, check the prerequisites for the certification – i.e. the credentials you need to achieve first before moving to the next. 

Prerequisites can be found on the Trailhead exam guides, our Certification Guides, and for a more visual version, check out our Salesforce Certification Pathways Infographic

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In WebAssessor, if you have not achieved the prerequisites, the option to book the target certification will be grayed out.

3. Onsite vs. Online

Choose between online proctored or onsite proctored. If you choose onsite proctored, you’ll be able to select a testing center (this step will be skipped if you selected online proctored). 

How do you choose? It’s partially down to practicalities (i.e. location), and also personal preference. 

I have taken all of my certifications onsite, in a range of testing centers (I’ve settled on my go-to one now). I prefer having someone else take care of the equipment, the guarantee of no distractions, and the journey to clear my head and focus on key concepts. 

OnsiteHave someone take care of the setup on your behalf, have a guarantee of no distractions, and
remove yourself from your day to day.
Proximity: Depending on where you are located, accessing a testing center may not be possible.
OnlineNo need to travel, saving time in your busy schedule;
be in a familiar environment/use familiar equipment.
Additional software (install the provided Secure Browser software) and hardware setup (Webcam and microphone) required. Plus, you’re responsible for your internet connection stability - if the testing software crashes, you’re on your own.

Here is an example of testing centers in the UK. Christine is based in Bristol, and below, you can see there are no local test centers. That’s why onsite isn’t always a feasible option for everyone.  

4. Accommodations

Many people suffer with issues that can impact their ability to take exams. Whether this is because of ADHD, neurological issues, or other medical problems, different approaches are needed to maximize an individual’s results. 

Salesforce offers a series of accommodations (allowances) for those with medical issues. If this applies to you, read Paul’s guide on getting the accommodations you need

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5. Tester Code (+ Forms of ID)

Once you book your certification, you will be sent a confirmation email with an alphanumeric Test Taker Authorization Code. Keep this safe! It’s essentially the first verification step when you go to take your exam.

The second verification step is to have your government-issued ID checked. You will need two forms of ID, so don’t forget to pack these! 

6. Link Trailhead to WebAssessor

WebAssessor is where you schedule your Salesforce certification exams. Your profile (on Trailhead) is where you showcase your credentials!

To make this happen, you need to link your Trailhead and WebAssessor accounts. Follow the simple instructions here. Your accounts will be connected within one business day. 

Not only is your profile your trusted resume for the Salesforce ecosystem, but this is also an essential step that will enable you to maintain your Salesforce certifications (which are taken via Trailhead).

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7. Salesforce Exam Results

Once you’ve answered all of the questions – and you’re absolutely sure you don’t need to review your answers again – submit your exam. After a short (tense) wait, you will be presented with a screen that states whether you passed (or failed), with a breakdown of your scores in each of the exam outline categories: 

If you unfortunately failed, this gives you some guidance on the areas you need to focus on when you return to studying. 


Certifications are the perfect way to level up your Salesforce career, and it’s an added bonus that WebAssessor makes the entire exam process easy and stress-free.

We hope this guide cleared any doubts you may have had and possibly even motivated you on your own personal certification journey. No more procrastinating – it’s time to get that exam booked!

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