Top 10 Posts of 2020: Salesforce Developer Edition

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Well, what a year 2020 has been. I’m sure no one could have predicted the unprecedented changes to our day to day life that COVID-19 has brought. 2020 gives everyone a lot to reflect on, but something we like to do at Salesforce Ben is look back at some of the most popular posts that have been published in 2020 and shine a spotlight on the great content and authors.

Without further ado, I present our top 10 Salesforce Developer posts from 2020…

10. Salesforce Developers: The Most In-Demand Salesforce Job in 2020

I think it’s fitting that at number 10, Dmitriy Ogol of Ergonized kicks off this post with his blog outlining the demand for Salesforce Developers.

This is a hugely informative post even if you currently work as a Developer, as it provides insights into the most in demand industries, and other product specialisations.

9. Salesforce DevOps: Learnings from 300+ Salesforce Deployments

DevOps has long been a buzz word flying around the world of cloud computing. But in 2020, it has proved to be a necessity in building DevOps systems and processes into your tech stack. In this post by Mayur Patil, he covers off some top learnings from over 300+ deployments…

8. 4 Best Resources to Use to Learn the (Real) Basics of Apex

The Salesforce Developer job market is booming, and is amongst the most in demand job roles out there. But coding isn’t an easy skill to learn. This is why Seyit Usmanov has put together the best resources for complete beginners to learn Apex, the fundamental coding language of the Salesforce platform.

7. 3 Apex Design Patterns for Your Salesforce Development Team

If you want to go far in the world of Salesforce Development, it is absolutely key to understand best practices when it comes to Apex, and other concepts on the Salesforce platform. Get started on 3 fundamental best practices with Hank Holiday and his 10 years + experience coding Apex.

6. Certified Technical Architect Certification Guide & Tips

If you thought becoming a Certified Technical Architect was impressive, well meet the guy that trains them. Seb Wagner is the founder of FlowRepublic, an organisation that trains the next generation CTA’S.

If you fancy yourself part of this elite club, then start yourself off by reading Seb’s guide to passing this exam.

5. 8 Steps to Become a Salesforce Developer

Seyit Usmanov lands another post in the top 10 for 2020. In this post he talks through the best ways to become a Salesforce Developers for people fresh into the ecosystem. These simple steps are key to becoming a well rounded developer.

4. What Is ‘Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded’ & How Do You Solve It?

When working with Salesforce, it’s easy to forget that you are developing on a multi-tenanted platform, and sharing resources is a fundamental part of Cloud Computing. Apex CPU Time Limit is an important governor limit error and it’s important for any developer to learn how to solve it. Xi Xiao reveals all…

3. JavaScript Developer I Certification Guide & Tips

One of the newest Salesforce certifications to join the ever growing list of qualifications. The Javascript Developer I is unique in the fact it’s the only certification that is platform-agnostic, and tests knowledge outside of the Salesforce platform. Atlas Can was one of the first people in the world to complete this exam, and now passes on his wisdom to us.

2. Salesforce Developer Average Salary Guide 2020

If you want to benchmark yourself agains the rest of the industry when it comes to your salary, there is one post you need. Our annual salary guides in partnership with Mason Frank, detail how much you could be earning, depending on numerous attributes including seniority, location, and your skills. Check it out…

1. 30 Salesforce Lightning Developer Interview Questions & Answers

With the Salesforce Classic view being a thing of the past, Lightning has truly taken over as the dominant platform to develop on. Therefore it’s important to understand it inside out, and be prepared to be quizzed on it if you are interviewing for a new job. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some of the top Lightning interview questions right here

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