Top 10 Dreamforce Announcements to Catch up on

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If you’ve ever been to Dreamforce in-person, you will know just how exhausting it can be. The whole week is filled with networking, learning, new announcements, and walking, lots and lots of walking.

Although most of us have dialled in virtually this year using the recently launched Salesforce+, there has still been a huge amount of announcements. A lot of these happened last week during Dreamforce, but also in the weeks running up to the mega event. Here is our summary of the 10 biggest announcements…


1. Salesforce Announce Native Backup and Restore Product

Right at the top, I have to put down the new Backup & Restore service as the biggest announcement. This is a long-awaited/overdue feature request from Salesforce customers…

2. Salesforce to Retire Workflow Rules and Process Builder

It’s been teased over the past few weeks on Twitter, but Salesforce Execs announced the official retirement of Workflow Rules & Process Builder. A slightly sad, but inevitable outcome…

3. True to The Core

True to the Core is a favourite session of Dreamforce veterans. The sessions could be described as an ‘ask me anything’ to Salesforce executives and product managers. This is where the retirement announcement above was officially announced, check out the other questions that were asked below…

4. 8+ NEW Service Cloud Features to Supercharge Support Agents

Announced a couple of weeks before Dreamforce was over 8 additions to the Service Cloud. With the Slack acquisition finally closing, this has resulted in some exciting integrations…

5. Salesforce Introduces Robotic Process Automation to Einstein

You might have missed the acquisition of Servicetrace, a Robotic Process Automation that Salesforce purchased in early August 2021. Well, just over a month since the announcement, Salesforce has released their version of the product, Mulesoft RPA…

6. A Complete List of Salesforce & Slack Integrations

Just over a month ago, Salesforce announced their first Slack integrations that offered some insight into how they saw the product developing. But since Dreamforce, we have seen a whole host of integrations into every product. Check out the Salesforce article here to get an idea of what the landscape looks like.

7. $1.6 Trillion in Business Revenues and 9.3 Million New Jobs Projected by 2026

The Salesforce Economy is a force to be reconned with, and in the latest IDC report, the numbers are staggering…

8. 3 NEW Sales Cloud Features to Boost Revenue Intelligence

Salesforce is never one to disappoint in releasing constant innovation for their largest product. Check out some of the latest developments with Einstein & Sales Cloud.

9. 6 New Marketing Cloud Features Will Expand Interaction Studio, Salesforce CDP, and Datorama

Three exciting Marketing Cloud products will gain AI-enabled features, connectors, and templates – with the overall aim to “build deeper digital relationships with customers” – the emphasis on trusted first-party data.

10. Introducing Tableau Enterprise – New Data Governance Innovations

Tableau has announced new capabilities to further appeal to enterprise-level organizations – focused on data availability, integrity, and security – bundled into a new subscription plan.


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