3 NEW Sales Cloud Features to Boost Revenue Intelligence

By Lucy Mazalon

Salesforce has announced their next wave of Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud additions, which focus on revenue intelligence, sales enablement, and subscription management. These will be showcased in the Sales Cloud Main Show at Dreamforce ’21.

Hot on the heels of Salesforce’s Slack integrations announcement last month, and new Sales Cloud features in the spring, both focused on the “remote, digital-first world” theme. Now the dust has settled in this hybrid reality, it’s now time to double-down on optimizing revenue operations through garnering insights from Salesforce (we haven’t heard much about Revenue Cloud lately, so this is exciting). Here’s what’s coming up…

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

Combines Sales Cloud, Einstein and Tableau capabilities into a “unified revenue management command center“.

  • Einstein Deal Insights: AI-powered predictions such as deals likely to close or push and sales closing KPIs – including attainment, win rate and quarterly progress – across all customer interactions.
  • Pre-built analytics powered by Tableau: identfiy and address gaps in targets, plus actionable insights to drive forecast accuracy. Spot trends from across multiple dimensions, such as best practices from top sales reps and deals, to make every rep a top performer.

Sales Enablement

Onboarding, training, and development for sales reps are essential to retaining strong sales talent. The feature is simply called “Enablement”, and can be embedded directly within Sales Cloud.

  • Data-driven coaching with Einstein: quickly surfaces coachable moments related to pipeline and deal insights to help sales managers and reps focus on improving skills that help close more deals. I can imagine it working similarly to Einstein Call Coaching.
  • Learning journeys powered by Trailhead: Personalized and contextual for impactful real-time learning. Facilitate peer-to-peer knowledge sharing across modern channels like video and Slack.
Above: Sales Enablement with Slack
  • Tie enablement to revenue: Measure the impact of enablement activities on key sales metrics like lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, reduction in sales cycle time, increased close rates, and more. Enablement has traditionally hard to quantify; with the numbers behind you, admins can make a solid buisness case for training budgets to be increased (or just protect them from being cut!)

Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud

Manage subscriptions from any self-service channel – try, buy, renew, and pay in one place.

  • Manage the complete subscription journey – from product to cash. Access metrics for insights into your recurring business.
  • Integration into e-commerce, in-app, or any other self-service touchpoint allows companies to offer self-service options on the channels their customers want.
  • Einstein enables companies to prioritize collection efforts by predicting the risk of late or non-payments, and recommend the next best action to ensure consistent revenue streams.

When is Subscription Management available? The Subscription Management Pilot Program is about to launch – if you’d like to take part, applications are still open.

Tune into the Sales Cloud Main Show at Dreamforce, September 21, 1-1:30pm PST.

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Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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