8 New Marketing Credentials Exclusively for Salesforce Partners: Pardot Business Units, Interaction Studio, and more!

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Salesforce Accredited Professional credentials are designed to prove your extensive knowledge in a specific area of the Salesforce platform. While Salesforce certifications give you solid credibility as a Salesforce Consultant, these additional credentials aim to deepen your expertise, beyond the certification curriculum.

As you read the list, you might notice the credentials focus on products/product features that are new and emerging, or particularly challenging to master (ie. those that prompt organizations to seek external consultants in the first place!) – or related to marketing strategies that rely heavily on technology to execute (eg. Account Based Marketing)

Of the 25 total credentials announced today, 4 are aimed at Salesforce marketing professionals, with an additional 4 available by the end of 2021. Find learning modules and exams available to take via the Partner Learning Camp. This is an exciting announcement for the Salesforce Consultancy space, where the competition between organizations can be heated to stand out from the crowd, and win projects beyond run-of-the-mill Sales Cloud/Pardot/Marketing Cloud.


Salesforce Marketing Credentials – Available Now

  • Pardot Reporting & Analytics
  • Salesforce CMS
  • Interaction Studio
  • Digital Engagement


Salesforce Marketing Credentials – Coming Soon (2021)

  • Salesforce CDP
  • Pardot Business Units
  • Advanced Cross Channel
  • Account Based Marketing


Salesforce Accredited Professional Credentials cost $150, priced cheaper than Salesforce certifications (vs. $200-400). A bonus – there is a 50% discount running until January 31, 2022 – so stock up on your credentials at $75 each now!

(Note: Bulk purchasing may be made available in the future.)

How valuable are Accredited Professional credentials? Which other emerging products and technologies could complement your marketing expertise? Read our news article announcing the Accredited Professional program to find out more.


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